Francesco Macheda


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Infrared Resonance Raman of Bilayer Graphene: Signatures of Massive Fermions and Band Structure on the 2D Peak NANO LETTERS 2024
Theory of infrared double-resonance Raman spectrum in graphene: The role of the zone-boundary electron-phonon enhancement PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2024
Probing Enhanced Electron-Phonon Coupling in Graphene by Infrared Resonance Raman Spectroscopy PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2023
Electron-phonon interaction and phonon frequencies in two-dimensional doped semiconductors PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2023
Born effective charges and vibrational spectra in superconducting and bad conducting metals NATURE PHYSICS 2023
epiq: An open-source software for the calculation of electron-phonon interaction related properties COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Electron–phonon physics from first principles using the EPW code NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS 2023
Raman scattering with infrared excitation resonant with the MoSe2 indirect band gap PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
Electron-Phonon Interaction and Longitudinal-Transverse Phonon Splitting in Doped Semiconductors PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2022
High-Temperature Superconductivity in the Lanthanide Hydrides at Extreme Pressures APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Computational materials discovery for lanthanide hydrides at high pressure for high temperature superconductivity PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2022
Spinodal-assisted nucleation in the two-dimensional q- state Potts model with short-to-long-range interactions PHYSICAL REVIEW. E 2021
First-principles predictions of Hall and drift mobilities in semiconductors PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2021
First-principles study of electronic transport and structural properties of Cu12Sb4 S13 in its high-temperature phase PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2020
Theory and Computation of Hall Scattering Factor in Graphene NANO LETTERS 2020
Magnetotransport phenomena in p-doped diamond from first principles PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2018

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