Livio D'Alvia


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Tetrapolar low-cost systems for thoracic impedance plethysmography Memea 2018
Tag recognition: a new methodology for the structural monitoring of cultural heritage MEASUREMENT 2018
Validation and application of a novel solution for environmental monitoring: a three months study at “minerva medica” archaeological site in rome MEASUREMENT 2018
Development and mechanical validation of an in vitro system for bone cell vibration loading MeMeA 2018 - 2018 IEEE international symposium on medical measurements and applications, proceedings 2018
Effect of applied pressure on patch resonator-based measurements of moisture level for cultural heritage materials 2018 IEEE International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, MetroArchaeo 2018 - Proceedings 2018
WENDY: a Wireless Environmental Monitoring Device Prototype IEEE International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Cassino, Italy, October 22-24 2018
Il ruolo della gait analisi nella valutazione del 6MWT in pazienti affetti da sclerosi sistemica: uno studio preliminare Atti SIR 2018
Validation of a low-cost wireless sensors node for museum environmental monitoring ACTA IMEKO 2017
Application of a novel monitoring technology at “Minerva Medica Temple” archaeological site in Rome Proceedings of IMEKO International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (MetroArchaeo 2017) 2017
Development of wireless sensor network for museum environmental monitoring IMEKO international conference on metrology for archaeology and cultural heritage, MetroArcheo 2016 2016


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  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies
  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics
  • Sustainable technologies & development

Interessi di ricerca

Livio D'Alvia (Ph.D.) graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2013 and received the Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Engineering in 2018 from the University of Roma Tre and Roma La Sapienza, respectively. Currently, he is a Research fellow of Industrial and Mechanical Measurements at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy. His current research spreads from the measurements for industrial and biomedical applications and to the measurements for Cultural Heritage. In particular, his main research tracks focus on measuring environmental parameters that involve decay effects on materials. He is also interested in studying the moisture levels measurement of cultural heritage materials through the TDR method, dielectric characterization of tumoral biological tissues (cell, muscle), and non-conventional measurements for pediatric applications. He is a member of the IEEE - IMS Instrument and Measurement Society and IEEE Sensors Council.


cultural heritage monitoring
biomedical measurement
Biomechanical study

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