Vincenzo Stagno


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Geochemical and mineralogical investigations of the Bonarelli level (Gubbio, Italy): evidence of Hg anomalies EGU 2022 2022
Iron oxidation state in garnet and clinopyroxene inclusions in E-type diamonds from Udachnaya IMA 2022 2022
Fe3+ distribution and Fe3+/sigma Fe-Oxygen fugacity variations in Kimberlite-Borne Eclogite Xenoliths, with comments on Clinopyroxene-Garnet Oxy-thermobarometry JOURNAL OF PETROLOGY 2022
Atomic structure of CO2-bearing melts along the carbonatite-basalt join at high pressure and temperature Abstracts of JpGU Meeting 2021
Experimental viscosity measurements of basaltic and picritic melts at pressures and temperatures of Earth’s upper mantle Book of Abstracts 3rd European Mineralogical Conference EMC 2020, Cracow, Poland 2021
Mobility of volatile-bearing magmas in oxidised planetesimals: implications for CO2 loss and storage during accretion Book of Abstracts 3rd European Mineralogical Conference EMC 2020, Cracow, Poland 2021
High pressure experimental investigation of clinopyroxene dissolution in a K-basaltic melt CHEMICAL GEOLOGY 2021
Phlogopite-pargasite coexistence in an oxygen reduced spinel-peridotite ambient SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Tourmaline breakdown: preliminary results from experimental studies Natura 2021
Redox state of Hyblean mantle xenoliths investigated by crystal chemistry, noble gases and fluid inclusions Book of Abstracts 3rd European Mineralogical Conference 2021
Natural Fe-bearing aluminous bridgmanite in the Katol L6 chondrite PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021
Redox Processes Before, During, and After Earth's Accretion Affecting the Deep Carbon Cycle 2021
Carbon concentration increases with depth of melting in Earth???s upper mantle NATURE GEOSCIENCE 2021
Can quasicrystals survive in planetary collisions? PROGRESS IN EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE 2021
Meso- to nano-scale evidence of fluid-assisted co-seismic slip along the normal Mt. Morrone Fault, Italy: Implications for earthquake hydrogeochemical precursors EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 2021
Experimental investigation of the kinetics of bridgmanite polymorphic back-trasformation: implications for the ascent rate of superdeep diamonds and impact-induced shock BEGEOSCIENTIST a young network - I Congresso Nazionale dei Giovani Geoscienziati 2021
The viscosity and atomic structure of volatile-bearing melilititic melts at high pressure and temperature and the transport of deep carbon MINERALS 2020
The viscosity of carbonate-silicate transitional melts at Earth’s upper mantle P-T conditions by in-situ falling-sphere technique Carbon in Earth's Interior 2020
Crystal‑chemical behavior of Fe2+ in tourmaline dictated by structural stability. Insights from a schorl with formula NaY(Fe2+2Al)Z(Al5Fe2+)(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3(OH,F) from Seagull batholith (Yukon Territory, Canada) Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 2020
In situ Mössbauer spectroscopy of coexisting spinel and clinopyroxene of clinopyroxenites from the Hyblean plateau Miscellanea INGV 2020

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