Domenico Raimondo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Nanostring technology on fibrous dysplasia bone biopsies. A pilot study suggesting different histology-related molecular profiles BONE REPORTS 2022
Exploring CCRL2 chemerin binding using accelerated molecular dynamics PROTEINS 2022
Retinoic acid-induced 1 gene haploinsufficiency alters lipid metabolism and causes autophagy defects in Smith-Magenis syndrome CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2022
Biochemical and computational studies of the interaction between a glucosamine derivative, NAPA, and the IKKα kinase INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2021
AKTIP interacts with ESCRT I and is needed for the recruitment of ESCRT III subunits to the midbody PLOS GENETICS 2021
Bone density and genomic analysis unfold cold adaptation mechanisms of extinct inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Characterizing Hydropathy of Amino Acid Side Chain in a Protein Environment by Investigating the Structural Changes of Water Molecules Network FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES 2021
Changes in gene expression in human skeletal stem cells transduced with constitutively active Gsα correlates with hallmark histopathological changes seen in fibrous dysplastic bone PLOS ONE 2020
Simulated epidemics in 3D protein structures to detect functional properties JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING 2020
Clinical Multigene Panel Sequencing Identifies Distinct Mutational Association Patterns in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2020
Insights into the Interaction Mechanism of DTP3 with MKK7 by Using STD-NMR and Computational Approaches BIOMEDICINES 2020
A simplified genomic profiling approach predicts outcome in metastatic colorectal cancer CANCERS 2019
Counter-regulation of regulatory T cells by autoreactive CD8+ T cells in rheumatoid arthritis JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 2019
Investigating the oxidative refolding mechanism of Cripto-1 CFC domain INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 2019
RANKL inhibition in fibrous dysplasia of bone: a preclinical study in a mouse model of the human disease JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH 2019
Preclinical toxicology and safety pharmacology of the first-in-class GADD45β/MKK7 inhibitor and clinical candidate, DTP3 TOXICOLOGY REPORTS 2019
Probing the interaction interface of the GADD45β/MKK7 and MKK7/DTP3 complexes by chemical cross-linking mass spectrometry INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 2018
Efficient and Accurate Modeling of Conformational Transitions in Proteins: The Case of c-Src Kinase JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. B, CONDENSED MATTER, MATERIALS, SURFACES, INTERFACES & BIOPHYSICAL 2018
Clinical proof of concept for a safe and effective NF‐κB‐targeting strategy in multiple myeloma BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY 2018
The Drosophila telomere-capping protein Verrocchio binds single-stranded DNA and protects telomeres from DNA damage response NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2017

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