Elisabetta Sirgiovanni


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The electrified artist: Edvard Munch’s demons, treatments, and sketch of an electrotherapy session (1908–1909) JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF THE NEUROSCIENCES 2024
Acroagonines: Ugo Cerletti’s audacious attempt to place the neurophysiological effects of electroconvulsive therapy in vials MEDICAL HISTORY 2023
The Moralizing Effect: self-directed emotions and their impact on culpability attributions FRONTIERS IN INTEGRATIVE NEUROSCIENCE 2023
Memory and recollection in antiquity MEDICINA NEI SECOLI 2022
Memory in contemporary biomedicine. Cross-disciplinary scenarios MEDICINA NEI SECOLI 2022
Memory in Contemporary Biomedicine: Cross- Disciplinary Scenarios MEDICINA NEI SECOLI 2022
The ecological benefits of being irrationally moral BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES 2022
Electroconvulsive Therapy Applications on Children in the 1940s: The Italian Case THE JOURNAL OF ECT 2021
Is moral disgust good or bad? LEBENSWELT 2021
Commentary: the moral bioenhancement of psychopaths FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020
The electroshock triangle: disputes about the ECT apparatus prototype and its display in the 1960s HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRY 2020
Neuroetica e neurofinanza: scelte intertemporali e autocontrollo Neuroetica e neurofinanza: scelte intertemporali e autocontrollo 2020
From the Madhouse to the Docu-Museum: The Enigma Surrounding the Cerletti-Bini ECT Apparatus Prototype NUNCIUS 2020
Science, self-control and human freedom. A naturalistic approach The Freedom of Scientific Research: Bridging the gap between science and society 2019
Il paradosso dell’evoluzione: disturbi mentali e selezione naturale Psicopatologia e scienze della mente: Dalla psichiatria organicistica alla neuroscienza cognitiva clinica 2019
IA e neuroetica: evoluzione spontanea e valori morali [AI and neuroethics: spontaneous evolution and moral values] GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2018
Neuroetica: sfide e opportunità Europa: Le sfide della scienza 2018
Un biberon di pregiudizi IL SOLE 24 ORE ARTE E CULTURA 2018
Agency, autonomy and consent: cues from the neuroscience of self-control STUDIA BIOETHICA 2018
A recap on Italian neurolaw: epistemological and ethical issues MIND & SOCIETY 2017


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Interessi di ricerca

My research interests cover the history, epistemology and ethics of neurosciences (including biological psychiatry). I work on historical-philosophical aspects regarding psychiatric taxonomy, mechanistic and evolutionary models of mental illnesses, moral emotions, self-control, medical decision-making, psychopathy, delusions, neuroenhancement, history of ECT, and ethics of clinical AI. My approach is naturalistic. Methodologies include: bibliographic research, archival research, conceptual analysis, and experimental philosophy (questionnaires/interviews).  


history of medicine and of diseases
medical decision making
Moral emotions
bounded rationality

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