Cristina Ottaviani


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Brain-heart pathways to blood pressure-related hypoalgesia PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE 2018
Deontological morality can be experimentally enhanced by increasing disgust. A transcranial direct current stimulation study NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2018
Network abnormalities in generalized anxiety pervade beyond the amygdala-pre-frontal cortex circuit: Insights from graph theory PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH. NEUROIMAGING 2018
Can’t Get You Out of My Head: Brain-Body Interactions in Perseverative Cognition 2018
Hemodynamic profiles of functional and dysfunctional forms of repetitive thinking ANNALS OF BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE 2017
Mind-wandering and alterations to default mode network connectivity when listening to naturalistic versus artificial sounds SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
A meta-analysis of non-invasive brain stimulation and autonomic functioning: implications for brain-heart pathways to cardiovascular disease NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS 2017
Obesity is associated with lack of inhibitory control and impaired heart rate variability reactivity and recovery in response to food stimuli INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY 2017
Positive social interactions in a lifespan perspective with a focus on opioidergic and oxytocinergic systems: Implications for neuroprotection CURRENT NEUROPHARMACOLOGY 2017
Family functioning and parents' dispositions moderate the affective, attentional and physiological consequences of rumination in children BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2017
A kid-friendly tool to assess rumination in children and early adolescents: relationships with mother psychopathology and family functioning JOURNAL OF CHILD AND FAMILY STUDIES 2017
Editorial: Can t get you out of my head: Brain-body interactions in perseverative cognition FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2017
Heart rate variability mediates the link between rumination and depressive symptoms: A longitudinal study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY 2017
A preliminary investigation on the effectiveness of unified and transdiagnostic cognitive behavior therapy for patients with comorbid depression and anxiety INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE THERAPY 2017
Transcranial direct current stimulation enhances soothing positive affect and vagal tone NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2017
Compassion at the mirror. Exposure to a mirror increases the efficacy of a self-compassion manipulation in enhancing soothing positive affect and heart rate variability THE JOURNAL OF POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 2017
Physiological concomitants of perseverative cognition. A systematic review and meta-analysis PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLETIN 2016
Transcranial direct current stimulation improves the QT variability index and autonomic cardiac control in healthy subjects older than 60 years CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS IN AGING 2016
Neurostructural abnormalities associated with axes of emotion dysregulation in generalized anxiety NEUROIMAGE. CLINICAL 2016
Goal directed worry rules are associated with distinct patterns of amygdala functional connectivity and vagal modulation during perseverative cognition FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2016


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Interessi di ricerca

Brain-body interactions underlying prolonged stress responses in daily life, in particular the role of perseverative cognition (e.g., worry and rumination) as a transdiagnostic factor in psychopathology. My research activity combines ecological momentary (though sampling) assessment with ambulatory peripheral physiology monitoring, as well as noninvasive brain stimulation techniques.


Clinical Psychology
autonomic nervous system

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