Andrea Baiocchi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Age of information of one-hop broadcast communications in a CSMA network IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS 2021
Age of Information in IEEE 802.11p 2021 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM) 2021
An Age-Of-Information Perspective on Decentralized Congestion Control in Vehicular Networks 2021 19th Mediterranean Communication and Computer Networking Conference (MedComNet) 2021
To Buffer or Not To Buffer: IEEE 802.11p/bd Performance Under Different Buffering Strategies 2021 33th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC-33) 2021
A multi-hop broadcast wave approach for floating car data collection in vehicular networks VEHICULAR COMMUNICATIONS 2020
‘Good to repeat’: Making random access near-optimal with repeated contentions IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS 2020
Frame-by-frame Wi-Fi attack detection algorithm with scalable and modular machine-learning design APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING 2020
Epidemic and timer-based message dissemination in VANETs: A performance comparison ELECTRONICS 2020
Network Traffic Engineering - Stochastic Models and Applications 2020
Traffic management and networking for autonomous vehicular highway systems AD HOC NETWORKS 2019
EPIC: an epidemic based dissemination algorithm for VANETs 1st ACM MobiHoc Workshop on Technologies, mOdels, and Protocols for Cooperative Connected Cars 2019
Moving RTS/CTS to the frequency domain: an efficient contention scheme for 802.11ax networks Proceedings of the 31st International Teletraffic Congress, ITC 2019 2019
Softwarization of SCADA: Lightweight statistical SDN-agents for anomaly detection 2019 10th International Conference on Networks of the Future (NoF) 2019
Duplicate suppression for efficient floating car data collection in heterogeneous LTE-DSRC vehicular networks COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS 2018
Analysis of pure and slotted ALOHA with multi-packet reception and variable packet size IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS 2018
From raw data packets to ingress egress traffic matrix: the distributed mapreduce-based solution IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium: Cognitive Management in a Cyber World, NOMS 2018 2018
Routing perturbation for traffic matrix evaluation in a segment routing network IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORK AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT 2018
Poster: Performance evaluation of an open-source audio-video bridging/time-sensitive networking testbed for automotive ethernet IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, VNC 2018
Heterogeneous cellular and DSRC networking for floating car data collection in urban areas VEHICULAR COMMUNICATIONS 2017
Joint management of energy consumption, maintenance costs and user revenues in cellular networks with sleep modes IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GREEN COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING 2017

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