Alberto Ressa


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Search for Majoron-like particles with CUPID-0 PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2023
A first test of CUPID prototypal light detectors with NTD-Ge sensors in a pulse-tube cryostat JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION 2023
Twelve-crystal prototype of Li2MoO4 scintillating bolometers for CUPID and CROSS experiments JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION 2023
Measurement of the 2νββ Decay Half-Life of ^{82}Se with the Global CUPID-0 Background Model PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2023
Optimization of the first CUPID detector module THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. C, PARTICLES AND FIELDS 2022
Search for neutrinoless beta+EC decay of Te-120 with CUORE PHYSICAL REVIEW C 2022
New Direct Limit on Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Half-Life of ^{128}Te with CUORE PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2022
An energy-dependent electro-thermal response model of CUORE cryogenic calorimeter JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION 2022
Machine Learning Techniques for Pile-Up Rejection in Cryogenic Calorimeters JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS 2022
Expected sensitivity to 128Te neutrinoless double beta decay with the CUORE TeO2 cryogenic bolometers JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS 2022
CUPID: The Next-Generation Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS 2022
Characterization of cubic Li 2100 MoO 4 crystals for the CUPID experiment THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. C, PARTICLES AND FIELDS 2021
A CUPID Li2100MoO4scintillating bolometer tested in the CROSS underground facility JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION 2021
Novel technique for the study of pileup events in cryogenic bolometers PHYSICAL REVIEW C 2021
Optimization of a single module of CUPID JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES 2021

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