Pierfrancesco Reverberi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Data-Driven Health Innovation and Privacy Regulation THE B.E. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS & POLICY 2024
Intercity bus and rail services: Competition and welfare effects TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH. PART A, POLICY AND PRACTICE 2023
Optimal pricing and investment for resources with alternative uses and capacity limits JOURNAL OF REGULATORY ECONOMICS 2022
High-speed rail and air transport integration in hub-and-spoke networks: The role of airports Market Development and Policy for One Belt One Road 2022
Price discrimination and product quality under opt-in privacy regulation INFORMATION ECONOMICS AND POLICY 2020
Effects of bus-based disruptive business models with limited capacity on rail monopolies: Social welfare implications WIT Transactions on the Built Environment 2020
VCG MECHANISM AND CENTRALITY MEASURES IN NETWORK ANALYSIS IABE-2020 NEW YORK - Conference Proceedings, Volume 20, Number 3, 2020 , ISSN: 1932-7498 2020
Price discrimination and product quality under opt-in privacy regulation 2019
Uniform pricing and product innovation THE B.E. JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL ECONOMICS 2018
Strategic formation and welfare effects of airline-high speed rail agreements TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART B-METHODOLOGICAL 2018
Drug innovation, price controls, and parallel trade INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 2017
Facility management outsourcing through multi-attribute auctions INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED DECISION SCIENCES 2017
Benefits and costs of vertical agreements between airlines and high speed rail operators Working papers SIET 2017 2017
Some unintended consequences of parallel trade in pharmaceuticals MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS 2016
Co-investment in ultra-fast broadband access networks: Is there a role for content providers? TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY 2016
Can access regulation promote broadband investment and consumer welfare? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY, POLICY AND MANAGEMENT 2015
An incentive pricing mechanism for efficient airport slot allocation in Europe JOURNAL OF AIR TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT 2015
Vertical control and parallel trade under asymmetric information INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 2015

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