Giulia De Lorenzo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Roots drive oligogalacturonide-induced systemic immunity in tomato PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT 2021
The plasma membrane-associated Ca2+ - binding protein PCaP1 is required for oligogalacturonide and flagellin-induced priming and immunity PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT 2021
Arabidopsis thaliana response to extracellular DNA: self versus nonself exposure PLANTS 2021
Impaired cuticle functionality and robust resistance to Botrytis cinerea in Arabidopsis thaliana plants with altered Homogalacturonan integrity are dependent on the class III Peroxidase AtPRX71 FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 2021
The Arabidopsis thaliana LYSM-CONTAINING RECEPTOR-LIKE KINASE 2 is required for elicitor-induced resistance to pathogens PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT 2021
Dampening the DAMPs: how plants maintain the homeostasis of cell wall molecular patterns and avoid hyper-immunity FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 2020
The intracellular ROS accumulation in elicitor-induced immunity requires the multiple organelle-targeted Arabidopsis NPK1-related protein kinases PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT 2020
An Arabidopsis berberine‐bridge enzyme‐like protein specifically oxidizes cellulose oligomers and plays a role in immunity PLANT JOURNAL 2019
Cell wall traits that influence plant development, immunity, and bioconversion PLANT JOURNAL 2019
An EFR-Cf-9 chimera confers enhanced resistance to bacterial pathogens by SOBIR1- and BAK1-dependent recognition of elf18 MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY 2019
Changes in the microsomal proteome of tomato fruit during ripening SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Homeostasis of cell wall-derived DAMPs is regulated through oxidation by Berberine-Bridge like proteins MOLECULAR PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS 2019
A class of cell wall-derived damage-associated molecular patterns affects plant-aphid interactions MOLECULAR PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS 2019
Four Arabidopsis berberine-bridge enzyme-like proteins are specific oxidases that inactivate the elicitor-active oligogalacturonides PLANT JOURNAL 2018
Extracellular DAMPs in plants and mammals: immunity, tissue damage and repair TRENDS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2018
Loss of the arabidopsis protein kinases ANPs affects root cell wall composition, and triggers the cell wall damage syndrome FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 2018
Oligogalacturonide-derived molecular probe demonstrates the dynamics of calcium-mediated pectin complexation in cell walls of tip-growing structures PLANT JOURNAL 2017
Isolation and characterization of oxidizedoligogalacturonides: meccanism of dampening of damps Proceedings of the Joint Congress SIBV-SIGA 2017
Immune responses induced by oligogalacturonides are differentially affected by AvrPto and loss of BAK1/BKK1 and PEPR1/PEPR2 MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY 2016
GRP-3 and KAPP, encoding interactors of WAK1, negatively affect defense responses induced by oligogalacturonides and local response to wounding JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 2016

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