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Multimodal, sustainable and resilient solutions for mobility and transport – SIDT 2022 CASE STUDIES ON TRANSPORT POLICY 2023
Rail Vehicle Accessibility: Towards an Autonomous Train Usage for All Passengers TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
Exogenous shocks on the air transport business. The effects of a global emergency The Air Transportation Industry, Economic Conflict and Competition 2022
Modeling travel mode choice under the effect of congestion pricing. The case study of Tehran ADVANCES IN TRANSPORTATION STUDIES 2022
Analysis of Crash Severity of Texas Two Lane Rural Roads Using Solar Altitude Angle Based Lighting Condition SUSTAINABILITY 2022
The Effect of Distance Intervals on Walking Likelihood in Different Trip Purposes SUSTAINABILITY 2022
The European airspace fragmentation. A cost-efficiency based assessment RAD HRVATSKE AKADEMIJE ZNANOSTI I UMJETNOSTI. TEHNICKE ZNANOSTI 2022
Accessibility to passenger trains: review and tests of innovative solutions IRSA 2021 : Tagungsband, Proceedings : 3rd International Railway Symposium Aachen 2022
Migliorare l’accessibilità dei treni. Lezioni apprese dal progetto CARBODIN // Improving train accessibility. Lessons learned from the CARBODIN project INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2022
Criteri e modelli teorici per la definizione della rete dei servizi Sistemi di trasporto pubblico locale. Pianificazione, progettazione ed esercizio 2022
Infrastrutture ferroviarie Infrastrutture di base 2021
Logistica e trasporto merci Industria italia. Ce la faremo se saremo intraprendenti 2020
Logistica futura e trasporto merci (in Mobilità) Industria, Italia. Ce la faremo se saremo intraprendenti 2020
Potential of Geospatial Business Intelligence solutions for Air Traffic Management ICTS 2020 Maritime, Transport and Logistics Science Conference Proceedings 2020
The genesis of cost-efficiency based European airspace fragmentation ICTS 2020 Maritime,Transport and Logistics Science Conference Proceedings 2020
Application of conventional method in dynamic business environment: example from air traffic management domain ZIRP 2020 Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "The Science and Development of Transport”. Topic: Transformation of Transportation 2020
Prodotti per edilizia (capitolo 14) Industria, Italia. Ce la faremo se saremo intraprendenti. 2020
Investigating effectiveness of on-street parking pricing schemes in urban areas. An empirical study in Rome TRANSPORT POLICY 2019
On-street parking management: bridging the gap between theory and practice Transport infrastructure and systems : proceedings of the AIIT International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems (TIS 2017), Rome, Italy, 10-12 April 2017 2017
Parking pricing in car-oriented environments: a focus on parking users’ attitude and possible side effects in Rome 18th EPA European Parking Association Congress and Exhibition : Rotterdam 20-22 September 2017 : proceedings 2017


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  • Sustainable technologies & development


railway system
Urban mobility
intermodal transportation
on-street parking
public transportation
Freight transport

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