Sanjukta Das Gupta


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Travels in Italy Bengal and Italy Transcultural Encounters from the Mid-19th to the Early 21st Century 2023
Narrating the pandemic: Paṭacitras of West Bengal, India The COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia and Africa: Societal Implications, Narratives on Media, Political Issues, Volume I – Culture, Art, Media 2023
Site of deficiency and site of hope: the village in colonial South Asia. Routledge Handbook of the history of colonialism in South Asia 2022
From ‘Folk’ to Digital: Transformation of Bengal Paṭacitra Art in the Times of Coronavirus NAVEIÑ REET: NORDIC JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIAL RESEARCH 2022
Christianity and conversion among Adivasis: Vignettes of the Santal Experience in 19th-century Bengal RIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALI 2021
Empire and Ecology in the Bengal Delta: The Making of Calcutta CONSERVATION & SOCIETY 2020
Claiming half the sky. Aspects of women's movements in India after independence Voices of Freedom Society, Culture and Ideas in the 70th Year of India’s Independence 2020
Colonial representations of Adivasi pasts of Jharkhand, India: the archives and beyond Encyclopédie des historiographies : Afriques, Amériques, Asies - Volume 1 : sources et genres historiques 2020
Indigeneity and violence: the Adivasi experience in eastern India REVUE INTERNATIONALE DE SOCIOLOGIE 2020
Environmental change, health and disease in Bengal’s Western frontier : Chotanagpur between 1800-1950s JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY 2020
Monika Browarczyk, Narrating Lives, Narrating Selves: Women’s Autobiographies in Hindi CRACOW INDOLOGICAL STUDIES 2020
Il sistema istituzionale dell'India 2019
Changes in society and religion of the Ho of Singhbhum under British colonial rule, 1907–1932 Brill's Encyclopedia of the Religions of Indigenous People of South Asia, vol. I 2019
Iterations of law: legal histories from India COMPARATIVE LEGAL HISTORY 2019
Narratives from the margins, Revised and enlarged edition 2019
Chapter 1, Introduction Narratives from the margins. Aspects Of Adivasi History In India (Revised And Enlarged edition) 2019
Looking «East»: women’s travel writings in early 20th-century Bengal RIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALI 2019
Imagining the ‘Tribe’ in colonial and post -independence India POLITEJA 2019
Marriage and migration: The private and the public in Hariprabha Takeda’s accounts of Japan RIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALI 2019
In Quest of the Historian's Craft. Essays in Honour of Professor B.B. Chaudhuri 2018


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