Andrea Vallati


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Renewable Energy System Applied to Social Housing Building in Mediterranean Climate Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2022 2023
Efficient energy storage in residential buildings integrated with RESHeat system APPLIED ENERGY 2023
Energy retrofit optimization for social building in temperate climate zone ENERGY AND BUILDINGS 2023
Retrofit Proposals for Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Historic Public Buildings: The Case of the Engineering Faculty’s Seat of Sapienza University ENERGIES 2023
Energy simulation scenario to social housing building: combining heat pump and renewable energy system 2023 8th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech) 2023
Optimization of a thermal storage tank for a water-water heat pump solar assisted 2023 8th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech) 2023
Energy refurbishment planning of Italian school buildings using data-driven predictive models APPLIED ENERGY 2023
Comparison of different heating generator systems to reduce energy consumption in social housing in a Mediterranean climate JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES 2022
Buoyancy-Induced Convection in Water From a Pair of Horizontal Heated Cylinders Enclosed in a Square Cooled Cavity HEAT TRANSFER ENGINEERING 2021
Experimental validation of a heat transfer model in underground power cable systems ENERGIES 2020
A Numerical Investigation of Flow and Heat Transfer of Laminar Multiple Slot Jets Impinging on Multiple Protruding Heat Sources HEAT TRANSFER ENGINEERING 2020
Multiobjective optimization of underground power cable systems ENERGY 2020
Energy analysis of a thermal system composed by a heat pump coupled with a PVT solar collector ENERGY 2019
Numerical determination of temperature distribution in heating network ENERGY 2019
Low impact energy saving strategies for individual heating systems in a modern residential building: A case study in Rome JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2019
Buoyancy-induced convection in water from a pair of horizontal heated cylinders enclosed in a square cooled cavity HEAT TRANSFER ENGINEERING 2019
Use of nanofluids as coolants in buoyancy-driven thermal management of embedded heating components of small-scale devices PROGRESS IN COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS 2019
Thermal performance optimization of the underground power cable system by using a modified Jaya algorithm INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCES 2018
Influence of the geometrical parameters of urban canyons on the convective heat transfer coefficient THERMAL SCIENCE 2018
Buoyancy-Induced Convection of Alumina-Water Nanofluids in Laterally Heated Vertical Slender Cavities HEAT TRANSFER ENGINEERING 2018

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