Rodolfo Reda


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Upper first and second molar pulp chamber endodontic anatomy evaluation according to a recent classification: a cone beam computed tomography study JOURNAL OF IMAGING 2024
Diagnostic accuracy of conventional orthodontic radiographic modalities and cone-beam computed tomography for localization of impacted maxillary canine teeth SCIENCE PROGRESS 2024
Mediterranean diet: a potential player in the link between oral microbiome and oral diseases JOURNAL OF ORAL MICROBIOLOGY 2024
Prevalence of Peri-Implant Mucositis, Peri-Implantitis and Associated Risk Indicators of Implants with and without Laser-Microgrooved Collar Surface: A Long-Term (≥20 Years) Retrospective Study JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE 2024
Relationship between gingival and peri-implant sulcular fluid active matrix metalloproteinase-8 concentration and clinical indices in healthy and diseased conditions EXPLORATION OF MEDICINE. 2024
Digital versus manual tracing in cephalometric analysis: A systematic review and meta-analysis JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE 2024
The influence of thermomechanical compaction on the marginal adaptation of 4 different hydraulic sealers: a comparative ex vivo study JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES SCIENCE 2023
Forensic gender determination by using mandibular morphometric indices an Iranian population: a panoramic radiographic cross-sectional study JOURNAL OF IMAGING 2023
Pushout bond strength of root fillings after irrigation of root canals utilizing sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, and homeopathic mother tincture (Arnica montana) CLINICS AND PRACTICE 2023
Incidence of post-operative pain following a single-visit pulpectomy in primary molars employing adaptive, rotary, and manual instrumentation: a randomized clinical trial MEDICINA 2023
Dentin Thickness of the Danger Zone in the Mesial Roots of the Mandibular Molars: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Analysis FRONTIERS IN BIOSCIENCE 2023
Comparative Evaluation of the Sealing Ability of a BioCeramic Sealer (iRoot SP) with AH Plus Sealer with Root Canal Dentin Using Three Different Techniques of Sealer Application: A Combined Dye Extraction and Scanning Electron Microscope Study JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES SCIENCE 2023
Zinc Oxide Non-Eugenol Cement versus Resinous Cement on Single Implant Restoration: A Split-Mouth Study JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES SCIENCE 2023
Comparison of the pharyngeal airway in snoring and non-snoring patients based on the lateral cephalometric study: A case-control study DENTAL AND MEDICAL PROBLEMS 2023
A radiation free alternative to CBCT volumetric rendering for soft tissue evaluation BRAZILIAN DENTAL SCIENCE 2023
Nationwide Trends of Modern Endodontic Practices Related to Working Length, Instrumentation, Magnification, and Obturation: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Survey Comparing Endodontic and Non-Endodontic Specialties Practicing Root Canal Treatment in India JOURNAL OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY HEALTHCARE 2023
Estimation of GCF and Salivary Levels of NT-proBNP in Systemically Healthy Subjects with Severe Chronic Periodontitis Before and After Periodontal Flap Surgery INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL MEDICINE 2023
Efficacy of Two Different Hydrodynamic Sinus Lift Systems for Atraumatic Elevation in Immediate Implant Placement PATIENT PREFERENCE AND ADHERENCE 2023
Salivary Nitric Oxide Levels in Adults with Different DMFT Scores in a Selected Iranian Population: A Cross-Sectional Study ACTA STOMATOLOGICA CROATICA 2023
Innovations and Digital Approach for New Ceramic-based Restorative Materials in Dentistry WORLD JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY 2023

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