Francesco Battista


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Direct Numerical Simulation of Vortex Breakdown in Evaporating Dilute Sprays FLOW TURBULENCE AND COMBUSTION 2024
Effect of realistic distributed loads on the bi-stable behavior of a pre-stressed aileron ACTA MECHANICA 2024
The role of polymer parameters and configurations in drag-reduced turbulent wall-bounded flows: Comparison between FENE and FENE-P INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOW 2023
Kinetic Energy Budget in Turbulent Flows of Dilute Polymer Solutions FLOW TURBULENCE AND COMBUSTION 2023
Drag increase and turbulence augmentation in two-way coupled particle-laden wall-bounded flows PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2023
Drag reduction in turbulent wall-bounded flows of realistic polymer solutions PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2022
Drag Reduction in Polymer-Laden Turbulent Pipe Flow FLUIDS 2022
The Fluid-Dynamics of Endo Vascular Aneurysm Sealing (EVAS) System failure CARDIOVASCULAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 2021
Application of the exact regularised point particle method (ERPP) to bubbleladen turbulent shear flows in the two-way coupling regime PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2020
Droplet homogeneous nucleation in a turbulent vapour jet in the two-way coupling regime Direct and large eddy simulation XII 2020
Application of the exact regularized point particle method (ERPP) to bubble laden turbulent shear flows in the two-way coupling regime PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2020
Curvature and velocity strain dependencies of burning speed in a turbulent premixed jet flame ETC 2013 - 14th European Turbulence Conference 2020
Turbulence-combustion interaction in H2/CO/air Bunsen flame ETC 2013 - 14th European Turbulence Conference 2020
Direct Numerical Simulations of the Evaporation of Dilute Sprays in Turbulent Swirling Jets FLOW TURBULENCE AND COMBUSTION 2020
Simulation of the thermal performance of a geometrically complex Double-Skin Facade for hot climates. EnergyPlus vs. OpenFOAM BUILDING SIMULATION 2019
Exact regularised point particle (ERPP) method for particle-laden wall-bounded flows in the two-way coupling regime JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS 2019
Particles in turbulent separated flow over a bump: effect of the Stokes number and lift force PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019
Energy transfer between scales and position in a turbulent recirculation bubble ERCOFTAC Series 2019
DNS of separated flow: Scale-by-scale analysis ERCOFTAC Series 2019
Particleladen pipe flows: turbulence modulation Direct and large-Eddy simulation X 2018


computational fluid dynamics
multiphase turbulent flow
experimental measures

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