Maria Rosaria Boni


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Biochar as Alternative Material for Heavy Metal Adsorption from Groundwaters: Lab-Scale (Column) Experiment Review MATERIALS 2024
Linking conventional activated sludge treatment plant performances for micropollutants removal to environmental risk and SimpleTreat model assessment INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2024
The Use of Life Cycle Assessment for the Characterization of the Energy and Environmental Sustainability of a Biochar Production Process: The Case Study of the Nera Biochar™ Plant (Turin, Italy) Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions (4th Edition). Proceedings of 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (EMCEI-4), Tunisia 2022 2024
A sustainable approach to enhance heavy hydrocarbons removal in landfarming treatment BIODEGRADATION 2023
The quality of urban rivers with respect to the Contaminants of Emerging Concern Waterfront Dialectics. Rome and its region facing climate change 2023
Microplastics Determination with μ-Raman: Potential and Practical Aspects Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea 2023
Impact of COVID19 restrictions on organic micropollutants in wastewater treatment plants and human consumption rates SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2022
Valorisation of residues from municipal wastewater sieving through anaerobic (co-)digestion with biological sludge WASTE MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH 2022
Physical-chemical characterization of different carbon-based sorbents for environmental applications MATERIALS 2022
A step forward on site-specific environmental risk assessment and insight into the main influencing factors of CECs removal from wastewater JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2022
Activated Biochar Is an Effective Technique for Arsenic Removal from Contaminated Drinking Water in Pakistan SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Experimental and Numerical Study of Biochar Fixed Bed Column for the Adsorption of Arsenic from Aqueous Solutions WATER 2021
Evaluation of removal of illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals and caffeine in a wastewater reclamation plant and related health risk for non-potable applications PROCESS SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 2021
Mobility of nZVI in a Reconstructed Porous Media Monitored by an Image Analysis Procedure WATER 2021
A life cycle assessment of an energy-biochar chain involving a gasification plant in Italy LAND 2021
A review on the removal of carbamazepine from aqueous solution by using activated carbon and biochar SUSTAINABILITY 2021
Techno-economic evaluation of ozone-oxidation for sludge reduction at the full-scale. Comparison between the application to the return activated sludge (RAS) and the sludge digestion unit JOURNAL OF WATER PROCESS ENGINEERING 2021
Experimental investigation on the perfluorooctanoic and perfluorooctane sulfonic acids fate and behaviour in the activated sludge reactor PROCESS SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 2020
Remediation of Lead-Contaminated Water by Virgin Coniferous Wood Biochar Adsorbent. Batch and Column Application WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION 2020


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  • Nanotecnologie
  • Advanced materials
  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies
  • Sustainable technologies & development

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