Milvia Casato


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Clinico-immunologic outcomes of HCV-cured cryoglobulinemia: lower relapse rate with interferon-based than interferon-free therapy LIVER INTERNATIONAL 2020
Cryoglobulins: putative effectors of adaptive immune response CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY 2020
Safety and effectiveness of biosimilar of Rituximab CT‐P10 in the treatment of cryoglobulinemic vasculitis: the MARBLe study (Mixed cryoglobulinemiA Rituximab BiosimiLar) INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE 2020
Long-lasting persistence of large B-cell clones in hepatitis C virus-cured patients with complete response of mixed cryoglobulinaemia vasculitis. LIVER INTERNATIONAL 2019
Late relapses of hepatitis C virus-cured mixed cryoglobulinaemia associated with infection or cancer RHEUMATOLOGY 2018
HBV messing with the B-cell genome leads to DLBCL BLOOD 2018
DEC1/STRA13 is a key negative regulator of activation-induced proliferation of human B cells highly expressed in anergic cells IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2018
Persistence of pathogenic B cell clones and relapse of cryoglobulinemic vasculitis in HCV-cured patients GASTROENTEROLOGY 2018
Efficacy and safety of long-term treatment with low-dose rituximab for relapsing mixed cryoglobulinemia vasculitis CLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY 2017
International therapeutic guidelines for patients with HCV-related extrahepatic disorders. A multidisciplinary expert statement AUTOIMMUNITY REVIEWS 2017
Evidence-based recommendations on the management of extrahepatic manifestations of chronic hepatitis C virus infection journal of Hepatology 2017
Reversion of anergy signatures in clonal CD21low B cells of mixed cryoglobulinemia after clearance of HCV viremia. BLOOD 2017
From the pathogenesis to the cure of indolent B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders associated with hepatitis C virus infection: which role for direct-acting antivirals? EXPERT REVIEW OF HEMATOLOGY 2017
Persistent Hepatitis C Virus-Associated Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis Following Virus Eradication After Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy Reply HEPATOLOGY 2017
Hepatitis B virus causes mixed cryoglobulinaemia by driving clonal expansion of innate B-cells producing a VH1-69-encoded antibody CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY 2016
Prospective study of guideline-tailored therapy with direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C virus-associated mixed cryoglobulinemia HEPATOLOGY 2016
International diagnostic guidelines for patients with HCV-related extrahepatic manifestations. A multidisciplinary expert statement AUTOIMMUNITY REVIEWS 2016
Interferon-free antiviral treatment in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders associated with hepatitis C virus infection BLOOD 2016
The case for cost-effectively treating cryoglobulinemic vasculitis with interferon-free anti-hepatitis C virus therapy. HEPATOLOGY 2015
High prevalence of gluten sensitivity in a cohort of patients with undifferentiated connective tissue disease. EUROPEAN ANNALS OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2015

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