Vincenzo Marinari


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Spectral Content of a Single Non-Brownian Trajectory PHYSICAL REVIEW. X 2019
A yield-cost tradeoff governs Escherichia coli’s decision between fermentation and respiration in carbon-limited growth NPJ SYSTEMS BIOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS 2019
Dynamic variational study of chaos: spin glasses in three dimensions JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS: THEORY AND EXPERIMENT 2018
Power spectral density of a single Brownian trajectory: what one can and cannot learn from it NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2018
Aging rate of spin glasses from simulations matches experiments PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2018
Out-of-equilibrium 2D Ising spin glass: Almost, but not quite, a free-field theory JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS: THEORY AND EXPERIMENT 2018
Numerical evidences of universal trap-like aging dynamics JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS: THEORY AND EXPERIMENT 2018
A statics-dynamics equivalence through the fluctuation-dissipation ratio provides a window into the spin-glass phase from nonequilibrium measurements PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2017
Matching Microscopic and Macroscopic Responses in Glasses PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2017
CeRNA crosstalk stabilizes protein expression and affects the correlation pattern of interacting proteins SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Numerical construction of the aizenman-wehr metastate PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2017
Phase transitions in integer linear problems JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS: THEORY AND EXPERIMENT 2017
Probing the Limits to MicroRNA-Mediated Control of Gene Expression PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2016
Constrained Allocation Flux Balance Analysis PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2016
A numerical study of planar arrays of correlated spin islands THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. B, CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS 2016
Noise processing by microRNA-mediated circuits: The Incoherent Feed-Forward Loop, revisited HELIYON 2016
Universal critical behavior of the two-dimensional Ising spin glass PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Temperature chaos is a non-local effect JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS: THEORY AND EXPERIMENT 2016
Sample-to-sample fluctuations of power spectrum of a random motion in a periodic Sinai model PHYSICAL REVIEW. E 2016
Quantitative constraint-based computational model of tumor-to-stroma coupling via lactate shuttle SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015


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Interessi di ricerca

Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Systems. Spin glasses. Glasses. Scaling theories. Algorithms and large scale numerical simulations. Dedicated computers. Systems of biological interest.  Meccanica statistica di reti neurali, Statistical mechanics of neural netowrks, and realistic applications.


multi-dimensional numerical simulation

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