Francesco Mauri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Anharmonicity and the isotope effect in superconducting lithium at high pressures: a first-principles approach PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2017
Advanced capabilities for materials modelling with QUANTUM ESPRESSO JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER 2017
Density functional perturbation theory for gated two-dimensional heterostructures: theoretical developments and application to flexural phonons in graphene PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2017
High-T-c superconductivity in weakly electron-doped HfNCl PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2017
Magnetic gap opening in rhombohedral-stacked multilayer graphene from first principles PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2017
First-principles determination of the Raman fingerprint of rhombohedral graphite PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 2017
Quantum hydrogen-bond symmetrization in the superconducting hydrogen sulfide system NATURE 2016
Nanoscale mechanisms for the reduction of heat transport in bismuth PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Formation of hot-electron ensembles quasiequilibrated in momentum space by ultrafast momentum scattering of highly excited hot electrons photoinjected into the Gamma valley of GaAs PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Determination of scattering time and of valley occupation in transition-metal dichalcogenides doped by field effect PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Atomic and electronic structure of trilayer graphene/SiC(0001): Evidence of Strong Dependence on Stacking Sequence and charge transfer SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016
Predicting the thermal conductivity in a graphene nanoflake from its response to a thermal impulse PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Anharmonic effects in atomic hydrogen: Superconductivity and lattice dynamical stability PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Spin susceptibility and electron-phonon coupling of two-dimensional materials by range-separated hybrid density functionals: Case study of LixZrNCl PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Two-dimensional Frohlich interaction in transition-metal dichalcogenide monolayers: Theoretical modeling and first-principles calculations PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Anharmonic enhancement of superconductivity in metallic molecular Cmca-4 hydrogen at high pressure: a first-principles study JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER 2016
Dissociation products and structures of solid H2S at strong compression PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2016
Dispersion effects in SiO2 polymorphs: An ab initio study PHYSICAL REVIEW. B, CONDENSED MATTER AND MATERIALS PHYSICS 2015
Wannier interpolation of the electron-phonon matrix elements in polar semiconductors: Polar-optical coupling in GaAs PHYSICAL REVIEW. B, CONDENSED MATTER AND MATERIALS PHYSICS 2015
Phonon effects on x-ray absorption and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies PHYSICAL REVIEW. B, CONDENSED MATTER AND MATERIALS PHYSICS 2015

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