Francesco Mauri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Wigner Gaussian dynamics: simulating the anharmonic and quantum ionic motion PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2023
Quantum phase diagram of high-pressure hydrogen NATURE PHYSICS 2023
Excitonic-insulator instability and Peierls distortion in one-dimensional semimetals PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
Gate-Tunable Magnetism and Giant Magnetoresistance in Suspended Rhombohedral-Stacked Few-Layer Graphene NANO LETTERS 2022
Nonperturbative Green's function method to determine the electronic spectral function due to electron-phonon interactions: Application to a graphene model from weak to strong coupling PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
Many-body Green's function approach to lattice thermal transport PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2022
Anomalous High-Temperature Superconductivity in YH6 ADVANCED MATERIALS 2021
van der Waals driven anharmonic melting of the 3D charge density wave in VSe2 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021
Ab-initio energetics of graphite and multilayer graphene: stability of Bernal versus rhombohedral stacking 2D MATERIALS 2021
Electronic structure of TiSe2 from a quasi-self-consistent G(0)W(0) approach PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2021
The microscopic origin of the anomalous isotopic properties of ice relies on the strong quantum anharmonic regime of atomic vibration THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2021
Intrinsic Vibrational Angular Momentum from Nonadiabatic Effects in Noncollinear Magnetic Molecules PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2021
First-principles theory of infrared vibrational spectroscopy of metals and semimetals: Application to graphite PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2021
Black metal hydrogen above 360 GPa driven by proton quantum fluctuations NATURE PHYSICS 2021
The stochastic self-consistent harmonic approximation: Calculating vibrational properties of materials with full quantum and anharmonic effects JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER 2021
Dominant Role of Quantum Anharmonicity in the Stability and Optical Properties of Infinite Linear Acetylenic Carbon Chains THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2021
Weak Dimensionality Dependence and Dominant Role of Ionic Fluctuations in the Charge-Density-Wave Transition of NbSe2 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
Hybrid-functional electronic structure of multilayer graphene PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2020
Anharmonicity and Doping Melt the Charge Density Wave in Single-Layer TiSe2 NANO LETTERS 2020
Theory of the thickness dependence of the charge density wave transition in 1 T-TiTe2 2D MATERIALS 2020

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