Susanna Laurenzi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
UV-induced modification of graphene-based sensor surfaces investigated by Raman microscopy mapping Abstract Book - ICASS 2019 2019
Electrical resistance tomography for structural health monitoring of nanocomposite materials for spacesuit and crew surface mobility applications Book of abstracts - NESF 2019 2019
Direct effects of UV irradiation on graphene-based nanocomposite films revealed by electrical resistance tomography COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2019
Space-grade polyethylene/carbon nanocomposites fabricated by 3D-printing Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC 2019
Functional nanocomposites with graphene-DNA hybrid complexes: fabrication and surface properties under UV irradiation Programme book - 8th Forum on New Materials 2018
Experimental study of solar radiation effects on carbon nanocomposite sensors in simulated space environment 69th International astronautical congress (IAC 2018). Involving everyone 2018
Quantitative assessment of nanofiller dispersion based on grayscale image analysis: a case study on epoxy/carbon nanocomposites COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING 2018
Polyethylene-based nanocomposites for radiation shielding: modelling in radiative environment and laboratory tests in thermo-vacuum chamber Proceedings of 69th International Astronautical Congress, IAC 2018 2018
Raman microscopy analysis of graphene-based nanocomposite materials under UV-C exposure 2018 - Book of Abstracts 2018
Curing reactions and thermal stability of nanocomposites with DNA/graphene nanoplatelets by differential scanning calorimetry Book of Abstracts - AICAT 2018 2018
Free vibrations of ultrathin deployable booms fabricated with nano-modified epoxy matrix Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC 2018
Analysis of ultraviolet exposure effects on the surface properties of epoxy/graphene nanocomposite films on Mylar substrate ACTA ASTRONAUTICA 2017
Impact response of advanced composite structures reinforced by carbon nanoparticles Dynamic Response and Failure of Composite Materials and Structures 2017
AUXHEX – A Kirigami inspired zero Poisson's ratio cellular structure COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 2017
Ultraviolet-sensing surfaces based on hybrid nanocomposites for radiation monitoring systems Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace, MetroAeroSpace 2017 2017
Novel graphene-based nanocomposite films for monitoring UV radiation effects on space structures Abstracts from the joint XI INSTM National Conference and the XIV AIMAT National Congress - Ischia, Italy, July 2017JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOMATERIALS & FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2017
Smart nanomaterial-based hybrid films for sensing UV radiation damage in space environment Programme book - NanoInnovation Conference & Exhibition 2017 2017
Steady-Shear Rheological Properties of Graphene-Reinforced Epoxy Resin for Manufacturing of Aerospace Composite Films AIP Conference Proceedings 2016
Fabrication of carbon-based nanocomposite films by spin-coating process: An experimental and modeling study of the film thickness COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING 2016
Flexible nanostructured composites with graphene/DNA hybrids as multifunctional substrates for biomedical applications International Conference GM-2016 "Graphene and related Materials: properties and applications" - Abstract Book 2016

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