Riccardo Marzano


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Bridges over troubled water: Incubators and start-ups’ alliances TECHNOVATION 2023
The divestment-reinvestment sequence in foreign countries: The role of relational vs. transactional ownership LONG RANGE PLANNING 2023
The role of founder CEO and independent board in family firms' international growth: evidence from India and Italy CROSS CULTURAL & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 2023
Organized crime and waste management costs REGIONAL STUDIES 2022
Corporate Ownership and Antitrust Violations THE JOURNAL OF LAW & ECONOMICS 2022
Reinvest or not reinvest in the host country? Learning from past divestments to plan future actions Research Handbook on Foreign Exit, Relocation and Re-entry: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence 2022
Institutions, Corporate Governance, and Internationalization of State-owned Enterprises in a Varieties of Capitalism Framework The Multiple Dimensions of Institutional Complexity in International Business Research 2021
The effects of competition policy, regulatory quality and trust on inward FDI in host countries INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW 2021
Relational ownership, institutional context, and internationalization of state-owned enterprises: When and how are multinational co-owners a plus? GLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL 2020
Incentives to water conservation under scarcity: Comparing price and reward effects through stated preferences JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2020
The role of family firms’ generational heterogeneity in the entry mode choice in foreign markets JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH 2020
Response of residential water demand to dynamic pricing: Evidence from an online experiment WATER RESOURCES & ECONOMICS 2020
Varieties of capitalism and the internationalization of state-owned enterprises JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES 2019
Price elasticity of water demand considering scarcity and attitudes UTILITIES POLICY 2019
Barriers and drivers in the adoption of advanced wastewater treatment technologies: a comparative analysis of Italian utilities JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2018
Determinants of the price response to residential water tariffs: meta-analysis and beyond ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE 2018
Assessment of smart-meter-enabled dynamic pricing at utility and river basin scale JOURNAL OF WATER RESOURCES PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT 2018
Governance of family firms and entry mode choice in foreign markets EIBA 2017 Proceedings 2017
Smart meter enabled dynamic pricing of water iEMSs 2016 Conference Environmental modelling and software for supporting a sustainable future 2016
Sistemi locali d'innovazione: il ruolo dei servizi pubblici e delle utilities Sistemi locali, reti e intermediari dell'innovazione 2016

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