Marialuisa Martelli


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Decision times in orthographic processing: a cross-linguistic study EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2023
Resting-state brain activation patterns and network topology distinguish human sign and goal trackers TRANSLATIONAL PSYCHIATRY 2023
From skinner box to daily life: Sign-tracker phenotype co-segregates with impulsivity, compulsivity, and addiction tendencies in humans COGNITIVE, AFFECTIVE & BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Clinical translational validity of sign-tracking phenotype in daily life: an ecological study NEUROSCIENCE APPLIED 2022
Motor Imagery and Sport Performance: A Systematic Review on the PETTLEP Model APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
The focal attention window size explains letter substitution errors in reading BRAIN SCIENCES 2021
Ability to Consolidate Instances as a Proxy for the Association Among Reading, Spelling, and Math Learning Skill FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
Role of the occipito-temporal Theta rhythm in hand visual identification JOURNAL OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2020
Empirical Evidence for Intraspecific Multiple Realization? FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Evidence of semantic processing in parafoveal reading: A rapid parallel visual presentation (Rpvp) study BRAIN SCIENCES 2020
Different trajectories in the development of visual acuity with different levels of crowding: The Milan Eye Chart (MEC) VISION RESEARCH 2019
How accurate is an LCD screen version of the Pelli/Robson test? INTERNATIONAL OPHTHALMOLOGY 2018
Focusing and orienting spatial attention differently modulate crowding in central and peripheral vision JOURNAL OF VISION 2018
Visual crowding in pure alexia and acquired prosopagnosia COGNITIVE NEUROPSYCHOLOGY 2018
Agnosic vision is like peripheral vision, which is limited by crowding CORTEX 2017
Perceptual integration and attention in human extrastriate cortex SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
A clinical test for visual crowding F1000RESEARCH 2016
Perceptualand cognitive factors imposing "speed limits" on reading rate: a study with the rapid serial visual presentation PLOS ONE 2016
Temporal dissociation between the focal and orientation components of spatial attention in central and peripheral vision ACTA PSYCHOLOGICA 2016
Impaired oculo-motor behaviour affects both reading and scene perception in neglect patients NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2015

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