Stefano Biagioni


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Molecular mechanisms of neurogenic aging in the adult mouse subventricular zone JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE 2019
Increased FUS levels in astrocytes leads to astrocyte and microglia activation and neuronal death SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Molecular signatures of the aging brain: finding the links between genes and phenotypes NEUROTHERAPEUTICS 2019
Metabolic role of cGMP in S. cerevisiae: the murine phosphodiesterase-5 activity affects yeast cell proliferation by altering the cAMP/cGMP equilibrium FEMS YEAST RESEARCH 2019
Extracellular vesicle-induced differentiation of neural stem progenitor cells INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2019
Molecular profiling of aged neural progenitors identifies Dbx2 as a candidate regulator of age-associated neurogenic decline AGING CELL 2018
Egr1 maintains NSC proliferation and its overexpression counteracts cell cycle exit triggered by the withdrawal of Epidermal Growth Factor DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE 2018
The oligomeric assembly of the phosphodiesterase-5 is a mixture of dimers and tetramers: a putative role in the regulation of function BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-GENERAL SUBJECTS 2018
Histone methylation and microRNA-dependent regulation of epigenetic activities in neural progenitor self-renewal and differentiation CURRENT TOPICS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2017
Lamin A/C Is Required for ChAT-Dependent Neuroblastoma Differentiation MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 2017
Transcriptional response of Hoxb genes to retinoid signalling is regionally restricted along the neural tube rostrocaudal axis ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE 2017
Exosome-induced differentiation of neural stem progenitor cells Abstracts of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Neuroscience 2017
Phosphodiesterase-10A inverse changes in striatopallidal and striatoentopeduncular pathways of a transgenic mouse model of DYT1 dystonia THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2017
Increase of Intracellular Cyclic AMP by PDE4 Inhibitors Affects HepG2 Cell Cycle Progression and Survival JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 2017
Use of the KlADH3 promoter for the quantitative production of the murine PDE5A isoforms in the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis MICROBIAL CELL FACTORIES 2017
Glial phenotype induction of neural stem progenitor cells using astrocyte-derived exosomes Abstracts Extracellular Vesicles 2017 Meeting 2017
Exogenous control over intracellular acidification: Enhancement via proton caged compounds coupled to gold nanoparticles and an alternative pathway with DMSO DATA IN BRIEF 2016
Involvement of FUS in cell cycle regulation and ALS pathogenesis Abstracts XIV Congresso FISV - Federazione Italiana Scienze della Vita 2016
PDE10A is up-regulated in Enkephalin striatal projection neurons of a transgenic mouse model of DYT1 Dystonia CLINICAL NEUROPATHOLOGY 2016
Phosphodiesterase-10A changes in basal ganglia circuits in two mouse genetic models of DYT1 Dystonia. 2016

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