Francesco Nasuti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Modeling liquid rocket engine coolant flow and heat transfer in high roughness channels AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2022
Graphite Nozzle Erosion Trends in Paraffin/Oxygen Hybrid Rockets JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER 2022
Modeling of Wall Heat Flux in Oxygen-Methane Liquid Rocket Thrust Chambers AIAA aviation 2022 Forum 2022
HEM modeling for subcritical flows in liquid rocket engine cooling systems Proceedings of the AIAA Aviation Conference 2022 2022
Numerical estimation of nozzle throat heat flux in oxygen-methane rocket engines JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER 2022
A design strategy for water-based noise suppression systems in liquid rocket engines firing tests CEAS SPACE JOURNAL 2022
Review and Implementation of Engineering Models of Rocket Film Cooling and Nozzle Erosion Proceedings of EUCASS-3AF 2022 2022
A Family of Skeletal Mechanisms for Methane Oxidation at High Pressure 44th Meeting of the Italian Section of the Combustion Institute 2022
Analysis of coolant flow and heat transfer in highly rough channels for LRE Proceedings of the 9th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE FOR AERONAUTICS AND SPACE SCIENCES (EUCASS) 2022
Numerical simulations of fuel shape change and swirling flows in paraffin/oxygen hybrid rocket engines AEROTECNICA MISSILI E SPAZIO 2022
Numerical and experimental investigation of a lab-scale paraffin motor with swirled injection of gaseous oxygen Proceedings of the 9th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE FOR AERONAUTICS AND SPACE SCIENCES (EUCASS) 2022
Numerical Simulations of Fuel Shape Change in Paraffin-Oxygen Hybrid Rocket Engines AIAA Aviation Forum 2022
Low-order modeling of combustion instability using a hybrid real/ideal gas mixture model 9th european conference for aeronautics and space sciences, 2022 2022
Pseudo-boiling and heat transfer deterioration while heating supercritical liquid rocket engine propellants THE JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS 2021
Development of a film-cooled thrust chamber component in the ESPSS library 7th Space Propulsion conference proceedings 2021
A hybrid real/ideal gas mixture computational framework to capture wave propagation in liquid rocket combustion chamber conditions AEROSPACE 2021
A Hybrid Real/Ideal Gas Mixture Model in the Framework of Low Order Modeling of Combustion Instability Proceedings of AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum 2021 2021
Film cooling modeling in liquid rocket thrust chambers AIAA propulsion and energy forum 2021-3574 2021
Conjugate heat transfer analysis of rectangular cooling channels using modeled and direct numerical simulation of turbulence INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER 2021
Numerical simulations of the internal ballistics of paraffin–oxygen hybrid rockets at different scales AEROSPACE 2021

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