Felice Giangaspero


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Characterization of primary glioma cell lines derived from the patients according to 2016 CNS tumour WHO classification and comparison with their parental tumours JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY 2021
Salivary gland tissues and derived primary and metastatic neoplasms: unusual pitfalls in the work-up of sellar lesions. A systematic review JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION 2021
Improvement of the collection, maintenance, and analysis of neoplastic cells from urine specimens with the use of cytomatrix METHODS AND PROTOCOLS 2021
Evidenza RMN di metastasi ipofisaria isolata da carcinoma polmonare L'ENDOCRINOLOGO 2021
Diffuse midline glioma H3 K27M-mutant in adults: A report of six cases and literature review CLINICAL NEUROPATHOLOGY 2021
Notch1 switches progenitor competence in inducing medulloblastoma SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021
Angiocentric glioma-associated seizures: The possible role of EATT2, pyruvate carboxylase and glutamine synthetase (vol 86, pg 152, 2021) SEIZURE 2021
Data sets for the reporting of tumors of the central nervous system: recommendations from the international collaboration on cancer reporting ARCHIVES OF PATHOLOGY & LABORATORY MEDICINE 2020
WHO grade has no prognostic value in the pediatric high-grade glioma included in the HERBY trial NEURO-ONCOLOGY 2020
Combination of chemotherapy and PD-1 blockade induces T cell responses to tumor non-mutated neoantigens COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2020
PIK3CA somatic mutation in sinonasal teratocarcinosarcoma. AURIS, NASUS, LARYNX 2020
Modeling medulloblastoma in vivo and with human cerebellar organoids NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020
miR-196B-5P and miR-200B-3P are differentially expressed in medulloblastomas of adults and children DIAGNOSTICS 2020
Correlation Between Immunohistochemistry and Sequencing in H3G34-Mutant Gliomas THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL PATHOLOGY 2020
Modulation of GABAergic dysfunction due to SCN1A mutation linked to Hippocampal Sclerosis ANNALS OF CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL NEUROLOGY 2020
Immunohistochemical characterization of immune infiltrate in tumor microenvironment of glioblastoma JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE 2020
Mechanisms of telomere maintenance in pediatric brain tumors: promising targets for therapy – a narrative review GLIOMA 2020
Downregulation of miR-326 and its host gene β-arrestin1 induces pro survival activity of E2F1 and promotes medulloblastoma growth MOLECULAR ONCOLOGY 2020
The AIEOP 2nd series of children and adolescents intracranial ependymoma. An integrated molecular and clinical characterization with a long-term follow-up NEURO-ONCOLOGY 2020

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