Simonetta Masieri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Long-term subjective and objective assessment of smell and taste in COVID-19 CELLS 2022
Reboot surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis: recurrence and smell kinetics EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY 2022
Benralizumab reduces eosinophils and inflammatory markers in patients with severe eosinophilic asthma and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps: a pilot real-life study IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2022
Effects of the silica dust on the nasal mucosa of ceramic workers SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Chronic rhinosinusitis outcome registry (CHRINOSOR): establishment of an international outcome registry driven by mHealth technology JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY. IN PRACTICE 2022
The safety of sublingual immunotherapy, can the rare systemic reactions be prevented? EXPERT OPINION ON DRUG SAFETY 2021
VEGF/VEGFRs nasal expression is reduced by Mepolizumab in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis ANNALS OF ALLERGY ASTHMA & IMMUNOLOGY 2021
Diagnostic performance of nasal cytology EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY 2021
Persistence of both reversible airway obstruction and higher blood eosinophils may predict lung function decline in severe asthma THE CLINICAL RESPIRATORY JOURNAL 2021
Allergen Immunotherapy management during vaccinations: an international survey THE WORLD ALLERGY ORGANIZATION JOURNAL 2021
Nasal cytology identifies allergic rhinitis phenotypes for managing allergen immunotherapy in clinical practice ALLERGO JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL 2021
The role of allergoids in allergen immunotherapy: from injective to sublingual route EUROPEAN ANNALS OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2020
Mepolizumab effectiveness on small airway obstruction, corticosteroid sparing and maintenance therapy step-down in real life PULMONARY PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS 2020
Effects of paraprobiotic MIMLh5 in the treatment of chronic rhinopharyngitis OTORINOLARINGOLOGIA 2020
Role of invariant natural killer t cells in patients with tonsillar hypertrophy: the tonsil as an immunological organ JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL REGULATORS & HOMEOSTATIC AGENTS 2020
Long-term omalizumab efficacy in allergic rhinitis IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2020
Detection of Gibberellin-regulated protein (Peamaclein) sensitization among Italian cypress pollen-sensitized patients JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIONAL ALLERGOLOGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2020
Real-life Mepolizumab effectiveness in severe eosinophilic asthmatics with nasal polyposis RESPIRATORY MEDICINE AND RESEARCH 2020
Mepolizumab effectiveness and allergic status in real life INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY 2020
Nickel sensitivity is associated with GH-IGF1 axis impairment and pituitary abnormalities on MRI in overweight and obese subjects INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020

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