Massimo Battaglia


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Combining ideal types of performance and performance regimes: an integrated framework of analysis of performance management systems for public organizations THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENT 2019
When democratic principles are not enough: tensions and temporalities of dialogic stakeholder engagement JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS 2019
Linking inside and outside: “identity” in crisis situations JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT 2019
Can the viable systems approach represent a lens to interpret barriers and enablers to the integration of sustainability? Evidence from an empirical experience 2019
A critical Interpretation of the "quality of place". Between attractiveness and post-rurality in Chianti ARCHIVIO DI STUDI URBANI E REGIONALI 2019
Efficient and nice – Urban sustainability and quality of life: the socioeconomic perspective Quality of life in urban landscapes 2018
Organizational learning through disasters: a multi-utility company’s experience DISASTER PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT 2018
The structuring of social finance: emerging approaches for supporting environmentally and socially impactful projects JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2018
Can environmental agreements represent an opportunity for green jobs? Evidence from two Italian experiences JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2018
L'integrazione della salute e sicurezza a livello aziendale. Il ruolo dei meccanismi di gestione e controllo 2017
Sustainability in the tourism business SYMPHONYA 2017
Greening competitiveness for hotels and restaurants JOURNAL OF SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT 2017
il tema della sicurezza nel reporting di sostenibilità: evidenze nel settore dell’igiene urbana QUADERNI DI ECONOMIA DEL LAVORO 2017
Managing for integration: a longitudinal analysis of management control for sustainability JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2016
Rethinking attractiveness. the transformation of tangible and intangible factors in post-rural areas Resilient landscapes for cities of the future 2015
CSR and SMEs: relations with stakeholders and competitive performance 2015
Introduzione a "i Green Jobs" QUADERNI DI ECONOMIA DEL LAVORO 2015
Sustainability reporting and corporate identity: action research evidence in an Italian retailing cooperative BUSINESS ETHICS 2015
Occupational health and safety management in municipal waste companies: a note on the Italian sector SAFETY SCIENCE 2015
Gli accordi di programma come volano per lo sviluppo di nuove professionalità “green”: evidenze da due esperienze nazionali QUADERNI DI ECONOMIA DEL LAVORO 2015

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