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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Atmospheric pollution and climate change in urban areas. A review of implemented policies INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2024
Exploring the Impact of Sports on social sustainability: an Italian case EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF VOLUNTEERING AND COMMUNITY-BASED PROJECTS 2024
Sustainability in Sport-Related Studies: A Non-Systematic Review to Increase the Sports Contribution to the 2030 Agenda PHYSICAL CULTURE AND SPORT STUDIES AND RESEARCH 2023
Mutual benefits of sustainability integration in the value chain: Responsible innovation by public utilities UTILITIES POLICY 2023
A systemic view of risk management and the role of stakeholders: Literature review and fsQCA analysis 2023
Modello di misurazione del posizionamento sostenibile aziendale basato sugli SDGs Sinergie - SIMA Management Conference 2023 "Rediscovering local roots and interactions in management" 2023
Barriers to organizational learning and sustainability: The case of a consumer cooperative JOURNAL OF CO-OPERATIVE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT 2022
Boosting knowledge & trust for a sustainable business Sinergie 2022
Competitività, innovazione e coesione territoriale: il caso della riconversione delle bioraffinerie Eni di Gela e Porto Marghera RIVISTA DI STUDI MANAGERIALI 2022
Integrating the 2030 Agenda at the municipal level: Multilevel pressures and institutional shift LAND USE POLICY 2021
Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic: the technical, moral and facilitating role of management control ACCOUNTING, AUDITING & ACCOUNTABILITY JOURNAL 2021
Stakeholder engagement by an Italian water utility company: Insight from participant observation of dialogism UTILITIES POLICY 2021
Fostering Sustainable Cities through Resilience Thinking: The Role of Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs): Lessons Learned from Two Italian Case Studies SUSTAINABILITY 2021
A sociotechnical analysis of accounting for employee health and safety: evidence from a multiple case study Accounting, Accountability and Society 2020
Moving Businesses toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Evidence from an Italian “Benefit-For-Nature” Corporation ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH JOURNAL 2020
Innovation in managing sustainability: a tentative integration of accounting for employee health and safety SINERGIE 2020
Do agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals act at local and operational levels? Evidence from a case study in a large energy company in Italy BUSINESS STRATEGY AND DEVELOPMENT 2020
Multiple control mechanisms for employee health and safety integration: effects and complementarity ACCOUNTING AUDITING & ACCOUNTABILITY JOURNAL 2020
Le cooperative e l’innovazione sostenibile: le nuove sfide dell’Agenda 2030 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 2020
Future perspectives of sustainable development. An innovative planning approach to inner areas. Experience of an Italian alpine region FUTURES 2019

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