BP-01376 BrainAmp MR+ channel upgrade from 32 to 64

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1. BP-01376 BrainAmp MR+ channel upgrade from 32 to 64 from X to Y channels within the same type 23.287,00 EUR
This system allows to upgrade a preexisting 32-channels to a 64-channels system. It is compatible with magnetic resonance. We already have the related sofware: (A) BrainAmp Recorder; (B) BrainAmp Analyzer 2 BrainAmp MR plus enhances the already outstanding features of the BrainAmp MR.
It offers multiple hardware signal resolution options that are easily selectable via the recording software.
Depending on the recording needs, with just one click it is possible to switch from AC to DC mode acquisition as well as to extend
the hardware bandwidth.
It's a shielded amplifier which can be taken directly inside the MRI chamber and placed in the bore right behind the subjectìs head.
It can be used for simultaneous EEG/fMRI acquisitions as well as for EEG/TMS co-registrations, EEG/ERP studies and Brain
Computer Interface applications.
The sturdy and compact amplifier is powered by the rechargeable PowerPack battery.
Multiple amplifiers can be combined and stacked on top of each other in order to increase the maximum number of available channels
to 128 for recordings in the MRI environment and up to 256 channels for laboratory applications.
BrainAmp MR plus can be combined with the BrainAmp ExG MR to add the capability to record bipolar and peripheral signals (e.g.
EOG, ECG, EMG, GSR - Galvanic Skin Response, etc.) in an extremely compact setup.
Related Electrode Caps (we need two different electrode caps, depending on the kind of research the BrainAmp MR+ 64ch will be used
(i.e., for waking studies: Easy Cap 64-channel; for sleep studies: 64-channels BrainCap standard with 1 Multitrodes):

2. FMS-060051 Easy Cap 64-Channel EEG recording Cap Set; 2 Caps with electrodes sites, 2 Chest belts, 68 Ag/AgCl sintered ring electrodes
It consists of
- Cap with 64 equidistant electrode positions from 10/10-System
- 69 Ag/AgCl sintered ring electrodes with shielded leadwire
- 5 Bipolar Electrode Pairs
- Chest belt set
¿ All necesssary consumables
Electrode Layout Graphic of QA72: Montage No. QA72
64 Equidistant electrode sites, chosen from 10%-system. Afz, could serve as Ground.
Spare electrodes can be placed on skin for use as EOG, ECG, etc.

3. BP-370-0006 64-channels BrainCap standard with Multitrodes
It is comfortable to wear and the ring-shaped electrodes allow for absolutely painless and at the same time quick and highly efficient
impedance minimization. All electrodes are made with sensors of high-purity sintered Ag/AgCl, resulting in highest signal quality and
lowest and steady electrode potentials. Additionally electrodes have good mechanical quality and long life span.
Special cap is compatible with other methods of acquiring neurophysiological signals.
Individualized Electrode Layouts based on 10%-System, 10-5 System, Equidistant Layouts for all channel numbers
Infracerebral Cap with extended recording area for Source Analysis, Dipole Localisation, etc.
Caps optimized for DC-EEG
Caps for Longterm / Sleep Recordings
BrainCap-MR, suited for EEG recording together with fMRI
MEG-compatible EEG Caps
Caps for EEG together with TMS

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