Proponente Maria Antonietta Casadei - Professore Associato
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SETTIMIO PACELLI Ricercatore Post-doc BioIntel Research Laboratory, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Kansas Altro personale Sapienza o esterni

The advent of nanotechnology has revolutionized drug delivery in terms of improving drug efficacy and safety. Both polymer-based and lipid-based drug-loaded nanocarriers have demonstrated clinical benefit to date. However, to address the multifaceted drug delivery challenges ahead and further expand the spectrum of therapeutic applications, hybrid lipid-polymer nanocomposites have been designed to merge the beneficial features of both polymeric drug delivery systems and liposomes in a single nanocarrier. The present project aims to develop novel hybrid phospholipid vesicles characterized by an internal core with viscoelastic properties. In particular, it intends to define the optimal experimental conditions for gelation of the internal core of liposomes in order to maximize the stability of the resulting hybrid nanocostructs.
This aim will be pursued encapsulating polyethylene glycol-dimethacrylate (PEG-DMA) in the fluid aqueous compartment of liposomes with different composition, with the intent to modify their liquid inner compartment into a soft and elastic hydrogel. The effect of the molecular weight of PEG-DMA on the principal properties of the hybrid nanosystems will be investigated. Varying the molecular weight of PEG-DMA also its hydrophilic/lipophilic balance will be modified, for this reason a different localization of the polymer within the structure of liposomes and a different interaction with their membrane may be expected.
Therefore, the effect of the presence of the polymer and the length of its oxyethylene chain will be carefully studied in order to have insight on the stability and permeability of gel-core liposomes respect to conventional vesicles.


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