RE3WORK – REsilient REtrofitting and REuse of Water heritage and built environments: multi-objective Optimization for RisK mitigation and cultural enhancement. Progetti di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale 2022 - PRIN 2022
In Italian cities and regions water and its built environment play a crucial role. Historical water infrastructures and water based production plants, which are associated to specific urban, maritime, lagoon, and fluvial landscapes, can define, thanks to their material and immaterial evidences, a solid basis for an eco-systemic approach to sustainable urban and regional development, toward the blue economy vision. Within this framework, the research is going to focus on retrofitting, reuse and enhancement of the Water Built Environment (WaterBE) in urban areas, as a comprehensive system of open spaces, structures and infrastructures with historical-architectural-industrial value. In detail, three investigation targets are considered: seaports, arsenals and river industrial settlements, all undergoing increasing physical and functional obsolescence due to the overcoming of the production models for which they were conceived.

DICEA role: Partner - Local Unit

DICEA Team Leader: Edoardo Currà

Project Coordinator: Politecnico di Bari

Other participants: Università di Bologna "Alma Mater" 

Start date 28/09/2023 - End date 27/09/2025

Total project cost: 271.548 euro


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