Marco Felici


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Excitons and trions in WSSe monolayers 2D MATERIALS 2023
Spatially Controlled Single Photon Emitters in hBN-Capped WS2 Domes ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS 2023
Extraordinary second harmonic generation modulated by divergent strain field in pressurized monolayer domes APPLIED PHYSICS REVIEWS 2023
Vibrational Properties in Highly Strained Hexagonal Boron Nitride Bubbles NANO LETTERS 2022
Tailoring the optical properties of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides by strain OPTICAL MATERIALS 2022
Mechanical, Elastic, and Adhesive Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials: From Straining Techniques to State-of-the-Art Local Probe Measurements ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 2022
Homogeneous Spatial Distribution of Deuterium Chemisorbed on Free-Standing Graphene NANOMATERIALS 2022
Strain-Induced Exciton Hybridization in WS2 Monolayers Unveiled by Zeeman-Splitting Measurements PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2022
Photonic jets writing of quantum dots with intrinsic photoluminescence collection enhancement(*) IL NUOVO CIMENTO C 2022
Photonic Jets and Single‐Photon Emitters ADVANCED PHOTONICS RESEARCH 2022
Tailoring the optical properties of dilute nitride semiconductors at the nanometer scale NANOTECHNOLOGY 2021
Strain-tuning of the electronic, optical, and vibrational properties of two-dimensional crystals APPLIED PHYSICS REVIEWS 2021
Brightly Luminescent and Moisture Tolerant Phenyl Viologen Lead Iodide Perovskites for Light Emission Applications THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2021
Photonic Jet Writing of Quantum Dots Self-Aligned to Dielectric Microspheres ADVANCED QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES 2021
Exceptional Elasticity of Microscale Constrained MoS2Domes ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2021
Selective Effects of the Host Matrix in Hydrogenated InGaAsN Alloys: Toward an Integrated Matrix/Defect Engineering Paradigm ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2021
Energy Distribution in Tin Halide Perovskite SOLAR RRL 2021
Erratum: Addressing the fundamental electronic properties of wurtzite GaAs nanowires by high-field magneto-photoluminescence spectroscopy (Nano Letters (2017) 17:11 (6540-6547) DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b02189) NANO LETTERS 2021
Evidence of the direct-to-indirect band gap transition in strained two-dimensional WS2, MoS2, and WSe2 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2020
Imaging shape and strain in nanoscale engineered semiconductors for photonics by coherent x-ray diffraction COMMUNICATIONS MATERIALS 2020

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