Isabella Saggio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
L'età, se esiste. Saremo tutti immortali? 2022
Phase separation in the nucleus and at the nuclear periphery during post-mitotic nuclear envelope reformation CELLS 2022
Gsaplha R201C and estrogen reveal different subsets of bone marrow adiponectin expressing osteogenic cells BONE RESEARCH 2022
Guiding Irregular Nuclear Morphology on Nanopillar Arrays for Malignancy Differentiation in Tumor Cells NANO LETTERS 2022
Combined alteration of lamin and nuclear morphology influences the localization of the tumor-associated factor AKTIP JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2022
AKTIP interacts with ESCRT I and is needed for the recruitment of ESCRT III subunits to the midbody PLOS GENETICS 2021
Changes in gene expression in human skeletal stem cells transduced with constitutively active Gsα correlates with hallmark histopathological changes seen in fibrous dysplastic bone PLOS ONE 2020
Loss of Human TGS1 Hypermethylase Promotes Increased Telomerase RNA and Telomere Elongation CELL REPORTS 2020
Interplay of the nuclear envelope with chromatin in physiology and pathology NUCLEUS 2020
Perils and Promises of Therapeutic Approaches for the Stem Cell Disease Fibrous Dysplasia STEM CELLS TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2019
A new role for Drosophila Aurora-A in maintaining chromosome integrity CHROMOSOMA 2019
CAV-2 Vector Development and Gene Transfer in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2019
Pyridoxine/pyridoxamine 5′‐phosphate oxidase (Sgll/PNPO)is important for DNA integrity and glucose homeostasis maintenance in Drosophila JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 2019
The expression of four pyridoxal kinase (pdxk) human variants in drosophila impacts on genome integrity SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Drosophila doublefault protein coordinates multiple events during male meiosis by controlling mRNA translation DEVELOPMENT 2019
Mice with reduced expression of the telomere-associated protein Ft1 develop p53-sensitive progeroid traits AGING CELL 2018
Exogenous LRRK2G2019S induces parkinsonian-like pathology in a nonhuman primate JCI INSIGHT 2018
Genomic instability and DNA replication defects in progeroid syndromes NUCLEUS 2018
Protective role of vitamin B6 (PLP) against DNA damage in Drosophila models of type 2 diabetes SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2018
The Relationship Between Vitamin B6, Diabetes and Cancer FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2018

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