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Is it possible to detect Tax Evasion using administrative data? A proposal based on a Binary Choice Model Affected by a Severe Censoring Mechanism INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STATISTICS AND ECONOMICS 2019
Data ananlysis: the participants Caravan Next A Social Community Theatre Project Methodology, Evaluation and Analysis 2019
Overall results/data analysis: the professionals Caravan Next. A Social Community Theatre Project. Methodology, Evaluation and Analysis 2019
Misclassification in binary choice models with sample selection ECONOMETRICS 2019
Active citizenship in Europe: the role of social capital THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY 2019
Away from Dissatisfaction, Closer to Well-Being: A Multidimensional Synthetic Measure SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2018
Response-Based Sampling for Binary Choice Models With Sample Selection ECONOMETRICS 2018
Having Children in Different Territorial Contexts: The Role of Social Capital EPC 2018 Abstract 2018
Economic growth in Eastern, Central and Southern European countries. An econometric analysis of the components of their public spending ANNALI DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI METODI E MODELLI PER L'ECONOMIA, IL TERRITORIO E LA FINANZA .... 2018
Using administrative data for statistical modeling: an application to tax evasion Proceedings of the Intermediate meeting of the Italian Statistical Society: Statistics and Data Science: new challenges, new generations 2017
Can social capital affect subjective poverty in Europe? An empirical analysis based on a Generalized Ordered Logit model SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2016
Do public expenditure components boost growth? Workin g Paper 146/2016 2016
Family workers: behavioural patterns in the European Union and implications for the fight against poverty ANNALI DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI METODI E MODELLI PER L'ECONOMIA, IL TERRITORIO E LA FINANZA .... 2015
Comparaisons nationales et internationales: une analyse statistique La desserte ferroviaire des territoires périurbains. Costruire le ville autour des gares Bruxelles/Milan/Paris/Washington 2015
Away from dissatisfaction, closer to well-being: a multidimensional synthetic measure Book of Abstracts of the Conference Dealing with complexity in society: from plurality of data to synthetic indicators 2015
A proposal for measuring global subjective satisfaction ANNALI DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI METODI E MODELLI PER L'ECONOMIA, IL TERRITORIO E LA FINANZA .... 2015


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Interessi di ricerca

Measurement error models, Two-step models, social capital, tax evasion

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