Paolo De Girolamo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
MESH-IN: A MESHed INlet offline coupling method for 3-D extreme hydrodynamic events in DualSPHysics OCEAN ENGINEERING 2023
Numerical modelling of floating debris impact on structures during extreme hydrodynamic events Proceedings of the 39th IAHR World Congress 2022
Numerical and Physical Modeling of Ponte Liscione (Guardialfiera, Molise) Dam Spillways and Stilling Basin HYDROLOGY 2022
Cambiamenti climatici, infrastrutture e mobilità. Soluzioni e strategie per investimenti sostenibili 2022
Cambiamenti climatici, infrastrutture e mobilità: Soluzioni e strategie per gli investimenti infrastrutturali in un contesto di adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici e di mitigazione delle emissioni di gas-serra - Rapporto della “Commissione cambiamenti climatici, infrastrutture e mobilità sostenibili” 2022
Numerical and Physical Modeling of Ponte Liscione (Guardialfiera, Molise) Dam Spillways and Stilling Basin Proceedings of the IAHR World Congress 2022
Influence of the shape of vertical breakwater crownwalls wave overtopping Atti di XXXVIII Convegno Nazionale di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche 2022
Crownwall failure analysis through finite element method JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2021
Riverbed protection downstream of an undersized stilling basin by means of antifer artificial blocks WATER 2021
Numerical modelling of flow‐debris interaction during extreme hydrodynamic events with DualSPHysics‐CHRONO APPLIED SCIENCES 2021
Analisi delle tendenza evolutiva del litorale sabotino Atti del 37° Convegno Nazionale di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche. - Sottotitolo: Ingegneria delle acque: cambiamenti globali e sostenibilità 2021
Confined-crest impact. Forces dimensional analysis and extension of the Goda's formulae to recurved parapets COASTAL ENGINEERING 2020
Tsunamis Generated by Submerged Landslides. Numerical Analysis of the Near-Field Wave Characteristics JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. OCEANS 2020
Wave induced hydrodynamics field around a long submerged groin: the case of the Latina (Italy) nuclear power plant cooling system intake ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2020
Landslide-generated tsunamis. A numerical analysis of the near-field Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference 2020
Estimation of wave characteristics based on global navigation satellite system data installed on board sailboats SENSORS 2019
Wave characteristics estimation by GPS receivers installed on a sailboat travelling off-shore 2018 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea; Learning to Measure Sea Health Parameters, MetroSea 2018 - Proceedings 2019
3D numerical simulation of hydro-acoustic waves registered during the 2012 negros-cebu earthquake GEOSCIENCES 2019
Improvement in workability of terminals placed along the inner side of port vertical breakwaters by means of recurved parapet walls WIT Transactions on the Built Environment. Maritime Transport 2019 2019
Wave induced hydrodynamic field around the long submerged groin of the Latina(Italy) nuclear power plant SCACR19 - Proceeding of the 9th Short Course/Conference on Applied Coastal Research - Coastal Zone Strategies under Climate Change: Engineering, Geology, Ecology and Management 2019

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