Federica Dal Falco


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Designing for the Post-anthropocene Era: The Garden as a Metaphor for a Holistic and Symbiotic Approach Beyond the Garden. Sustainable and Inclusive Green Urban Spaces 2024
Documentario "Giocando fuori ruolo. Renato Nicolini" 2023
Design russo del Novecento. Storie, sperimentazioni, opere 2023
Valle Giulia, the Valley of the Academies. From the International Exhibition of 1911 to the New Cultural and Academic Complex THE ACADEMIA BELGICA IN ROME. Building for the Arts & Sciences in the Eternal City 2023
Natural and artificial interaction. Symbiotic processes between science, art and design AGATHÓN 2022
Design, Aree Marine Protette e Patrimonio Naturale MD JOURNAL 2022
Design for public space. Materials and surfaces between tradition and innovation A new life for Zayenderud 2022
Glass and light. Suspension lamp design in Italy between 1930 and 1969 in the magazines Antifragile Glass 2022
New European Bauhaus. New Bounderies. Public space toward a sustainable environment 2022
Beyond the Anthropocene. The New European Bauhaus for a Design approach between social inclusion and a renewed concept of beauty New European Bauhaus. New Boundaries. Public space toward a sustainable urban environment 2022
Forme, tecniche e metodi della modernità. La nuova dimensione dell’abitare nel design policromo del costruttivismo Quaderni di Architettura e Design. Tecnica e Forma 2022
Design in fragments. for open and flexible pubic spaces New European Bauhaus. New Boundaries. Public space toward a sustainable urban environment 2022
Documentario _ 100 anni di Scuola di Architettura alla Sapienza. Testimonianze e storie 1958 – 1980 2022
Evolution of forms. Reinterpretations of concepts, artworks and artifacts with contemporary digital techniques ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN IN THE DIGITAL AGE 2021
Communicating the museum between analogue and digital. Interactive multimedia design experience AGATHÓN 2021
Designers in the Anthropocene Era. The New Contemporary Challenges From Local to Global According to a Sustainable Vision WORLD ARTISTIC CULTURE OF THE XXI CENTURY. DESIGN, ENVIRON MENT AND PROBLEMS OF CULTURAL IDENTITY 2021
ДЖО ПОНТИ. ОТЕЦ ИТАЛЬЯНСКОГО ДИЗАЙНА GIO PONTI. THE FATHER OF ITALIAN DESIGN «Decorative Art and environment. Gerald of the MGHPA» / Moscow State Academy of Applied Art and Design named after Sergei Stroganov. – MGHPA, 2019. 2020
Arte e spazio pubblico. Il podio di Alfredo Pirri. ANANKE 2020
Design dei minimi sistemi 2020

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