Mauro Biagi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
On the Impact of Channel State Information Quantization and Feedback in Practical OFDM Implementation IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS 2024
On the Effect of Channel Knowledge in Underwater Acoustic Communications: Estimation, Prediction and Protocol ELECTRONICS 2023
Threefold layered optical wireless network: illumination, communication, and positioning OPTICS EXPRESS 2023
Vector Coding Optical Wireless Links JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 2023
A Novel Optical Wireless Modulation exploiting Time, Frequency and Amplitude divisions enabling Link and Illumination Reliability IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS 2023
A LoRaWAN Network for the Real-Time Monitoring of the Venice Lagoon: Preliminary Tests 2023 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea; Learning to Measure Sea Health Parameters, MetroSea 2023 - Proceedings 2023
A Time-Frequency Geometric Detection Approach for LoRa Chirp Signals IEEE International Conference on Communications 2023
On the Impact of Mobility on the Underwater Optical IoT Architecture for Positioning and Communication IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC 2023
Hybrid Space-Frequency Access for Underwater Acoustic Networks IEEE ACCESS 2022
Optimized Multi-Primary Modulation for Visible Light Communication JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 2022
Interference Mitigation and Decoding Through Gateway Diversity in LoRaWAN IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS 2022
On the Convenience of Perfect Channel Knowledge for Spatial Equalization of Correlated MIMO-VLC Links: Is it Really Worth it? JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 2022
Optical Energy-Constrained Slot-Amplitude Modulation for Dimmable VLC: Suboptimal Detection and Performance Evaluation IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS 2021
Adaptive Modulation Control for Visible Light Communication Systems JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 2021
Modulation precoding for MISO visible light communications JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 2021
Cross-Burg algorithm for single-input two-outputs autoregressive modeling IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS 2021
On the Underwater Acoustic Channel Effects on Uplink Multiple Access Techniques Oceans Conference Record (IEEE) 2021
Analysis and demonstration of quasi trace orthogonal space time block coding for visible light communications IEEE ACCESS 2020
Adaptive data update for cloud-based internet of things applications ACM MobiHoc Workshop on Pervasive Systems in the IoT Era 2019
Non-line-of-sight MIMO space-time division multiplexing visible light optical camera communications JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 2019

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