Giuseppe Modaffari


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A short reflection on COVID-19 and gender equality in healthcare Organizational resilience and female entrepreneurship during crises. Emerging evidence and future agenda 2022
Female Agri-Food Start-Ups: Mapping the Italian Context During the Coronavirus Era Organizational Resilience and Female Entrepreneurship During Crises Emerging 2022
Intellectual capital between measurement and reporting: a structured literature review JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL 2022
The traditional Italian Universities' reaction to the pandemic emergency. The role of the intellectual capital JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL 2021
Business incubators vs start-ups: a sustainable way of sharing knowledge JOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2021
The strategic role of intellectual capital components in agri-food firms BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL 2021
Blockchain and sustainability in the agri-food sector: a structured literature review 2021
Blockchain as a strategic enabler of agri-food sustainability IEEE International Conference on Technology Management 2021
My name is bond, Pecorino Bond BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL 2020
Relational capitai and crowdfunding. An ltalian woman startup case study Proceeding 3rd international conference ICGR 2020
Knowledge resources in the university context: an overview of the literature JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL 2020
Gender Studies, Entrepreneurship and Human Capital. 5th Ipazia Workshop on gender issues 2019 2020
La resilienza delle università italiane durante la pandemia da coronavirus L'Italia ai tempi del Covid-19 (Vol. 2) 2020
Women entrepreneurship and digital technologies: towards a research agenda Advances in gender and cultural research in business and economics, 4th Ipazia Workshop on gender issues 2018 2019
Crowdfunding as a new collaborative process in the knowledge economy VINE JOURNAL OF INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 2019
Crowdfunding and SME’s: a gender analysis Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Gender Research ICGR 2019 Hosted By Ipazia, the Scientific Observatory on Gender Issues at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy 11-12 April 2019 2019
Territory development through the finance innovation tools: the pecorino bond Proceeding of International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics 2019 (IFKAD) Matera- Italy, 5-7 June 2019 2019

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