Salvatore Monaco


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Passivity Techniques and Hamiltonian Structures in Discrete Time Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics 2024
Steering and Formation Control of Unicycles Under Single-Rate Sampling IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL OF NETWORK SYSTEMS 2024
Consensus and multi-consensus for discrete-time LTI systems AUTOMATICA 2024
A new distributed protocol for consensus of discrete-time systems EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CONTROL 2023
CADUCEO: A Platform to Support Federated Healthcare Facilities through Artificial Intelligence HEALTHCARE 2023
Output containment via multi-consensus for heterogeneous linear systems on digraphs IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL OF NETWORK SYSTEMS 2023
Cluster partitioning of heterogeneous multi-agent systems AUTOMATICA 2022
Nonlinear Hamiltonian systems under sampling IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL 2022
Station-Keeping of L2 Halo Orbits Under Sampled-Data Model Predictive Control JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICS 2022
Quaternion-Based Attitude Stabilization via Discrete-Time IDA-PBC IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS 2022
Stabilization of the Acrobot via sampled-data passivity-based control 2022 European Control Conference, ECC 2022 2022
Virtual Holonomic Constraints for Euler-Lagrange systems under sampling 2022 European Control Conference, ECC 2022 2022
Economia e Ingegneria. Dinamiche comparate 2022
A new connection protocol for multi-consensus of discrete-time systems Proceedings of the American Control Conference 2022
Discrete-time energy-balance passivity-based control AUTOMATICA 2022
A gradient descent algorithm built on approximate discrete gradients 2022 26th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, ICSTCC 2022 - Proceedings 2022
Sampled-data steering of unicycles via PBC IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS 2022
Energy-Balance PBC of nonlinear dynamics under sampling and delays 17th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems TDS 2022 2022
Topology-induced containment for general linear systems on weakly connected digraphs AUTOMATICA 2021
On feedback passivation under sampling 2021 American Control Conference (ACC) 2021

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