Daniela De Biase


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The Escherichia coli acid stress response and its significance for pathogenesis ADVANCES IN APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY 2015


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Interessi di ricerca

  • Microbiology-Molecular Biology: working on the transcriptional regulation and the biochemistry of the glutamate and glutamine-dependent systems, the major acid resistance (AR) systems in Escherichia coli (commensal and pathogenic) and many other enteric bacteria. Several interconnections between different AR systems and other physiological and stress-related processes in E. coli and other bacteria are currently under investigation.
  • Biochemistry: Expert on PLP-dependent enzymes, in particular glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) and GABA-transaminase (GABA-T) of mammalian and bacterial origin. The structural properties and the catalytic mechanism of GAD are investigated via site-directed mutagenesis, expression and purification of recombinant variants, kinetic and spectroscopic studies in combination with structural studies (the latter in collaboration).
  • Biotechnology: Exploiting and engineering GAD for biotech applications, including the synthesis of bioactive molecules. In addition she is also studying the acid stress response in E. coli and other bacterial species for applications in the food and biotech sector (vice-chair of the COST Action CA18113 “Understanding and exploiting the impacts of low pH on micro-organisms”)


antiepileptic drugs
biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (all)
Escherichia coli protein
glutamate-dependent acid resistanc
PLP-dependent enzym

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