Alberto Giacomello


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Voltage controlled iontronic switches: a computational method to predict electrowetting in hydrophobically gated nanopores INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SMART AND NANO MATERIALS 2024
Noncanonical electromechanical coupling paths in cardiac hERG potassium channel NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Classical nucleation of vapor between hydrophobic plates THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2023
The impact of secondary channels on the wetting properties of interconnected hydrophobic nanopores COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS 2023
Two-Steps Versus One-Step Solidification Pathways of Binary Metallic Nanodroplets ACS NANO 2023
Optimization of the wetting-drying characteristics of hydrophobic metal organic frameworks via crystallite size: The role of hydrogen bonding between intruded and bulk liquid JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2023
An atomistically informed multiscale approach to the intrusion and extrusion of water in hydrophobic nanopores JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS ONLINE 2023
Mechanism of water intrusion into flexible {ZIF}-8: liquid is not vapor NANO LETTERS 2023
Structural transformations in Cu, Ag, and Au metal nanoclusters JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS ONLINE 2023
Integrated Approach Including Docking, MD Simulations, and Network Analysis Highlights the Action Mechanism of the Cardiac hERG Activator RPR260243 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING 2023
Charting Nanocluster Structures via Convolutional Neural Networks ACS NANO 2023
Chemical physics of controlled wettability and super surfaces JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS ONLINE 2023
What keeps nanopores boiling THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2023
Digital holographic microscopy for measurement of instantaneous contact angle of an evaporating droplet EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS 2023
Hydrophobically gated memristive nanopores for neuromorphic applications NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Molecular dynamics simulations suggest possible activation and deactivation pathways in the hERG channel COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2022
Tempering of Au nanoclusters: Capturing the temperature-dependent competition among structural motifs NANOSCALE 2022
Intrinsic and apparent slip at gas-enriched liquid–liquid interfaces: a molecular dynamics study JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS 2022
Computational methods and theory for ion channel research ADVANCES IN PHYSICS: X 2022
Giant Negative Compressibility by Liquid Intrusion into Superhydrophobic Flexible Nanoporous Frameworks NANO LETTERS 2021


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  • Nanotecnologie
  • Advanced materials
  • Big data & computing
  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies

Interessi di ricerca

I am Associate Professor of Fluid Dynamics at Sapienza University and principal investigator of the ERC-StG project HyGate. My research is in theoretical and computational fluid mechanics of interfaces at the micro- and nano-scale. In particular, I am keen on understanding the origin of metastability in problems of engineering and multidisciplinary interest, including ion channel gating, superhydrophobicity, contact angle hysteresis, nanobubbles and cavitation inception.


hydrophobic effect
hydrophobic drugs
drag reduction
computational fluid dynamics
nanoporous materials
phase transition mechanisms
rare events
Molecular dynamic simulation
Navier-Stokes equations
continuum mechanics
computational mechanics
High Performance Computing
activation energy
energy harvesting
high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

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