Fabio Sciarrino


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Device-independent witness for the nonobjectivity of quantum dynamics PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2023
Experimental test of quantum causal influences SCIENCE ADVANCES 2022
Ab initio experimental violation of Bell inequalities PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2022
Quantum walks of two correlated photons in a 2D synthetic lattice NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION 2022
Reconfigurable continuously-coupled 3D photonic circuit for Boson Sampling experiments NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION 2022
Experimental investigation of Bayesian bounds in multiparameter estimation QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2022
Quantum violation of local causality in an urban network using hybrid photonic technologies OPTICA 2022
Certification of Gaussian Boson Sampling via graphs feature vectors and kernels QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2022
Quantifying n-Photon Indistinguishability with a Cyclic Integrated Interferometer PHYSICAL REVIEW. X 2022
Entanglement transfer, accumulation and retrieval via quantum-walk-based qubit-qudit dynamics NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2021
Quantum key distribution with entangled photons generated on demand by a quantum dot SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021
Calibration of Multiparameter Sensors via Machine Learning at the Single-Photon Level PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2021
Witnesses of coherence and dimension from multiphoton indistinguishability tests PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2021
Enhanced detection techniques of orbital angular momentum states in the classical and quantum regimes NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2021
Experimental robust self-testing of the state generated by a quantum network PRX QUANTUM 2021
The race towards quantum computational advantage: milestone photonic experiment SCIENCE BULLETIN 2021
Dynamical learning of a photonics quantum-state engineering process ADVANCED PHOTONICS 2021
Causal Networks and Freedom of Choice in Bell's Theorem PRX QUANTUM 2021
Experimental quantification of four-photon indistinguishability NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2020
Diagnosing imperfections in quantum sensors via generalized Cramér-Rao bounds PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2020


  • PE2_12
  • PE2_13


  • Big data & computing
  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics

Interessi di ricerca

Main research activities
Experimental quantum optics, quantum computation and information, quantum communications, quantum causality, integrated photonics, foundations of quantum mechanics, Quantum machine learning


meccanica quantistica
ottica non lineare

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