Fabio Sciarrino


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Machine learning-based classification of vector vortex beams PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
Experimental violation of n-locality in a star quantum network NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020
Transmission of vector vortex beams in dispersive media ADVANCED PHOTONICS 2020
Adaptive phase estimation through a genetic algorithm PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2020
Experimental adaptive Bayesian estimation of multiple phases with limited data NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION 2020
Propagation of structured light through tissue-mimicking phantoms OPTICS EXPRESS 2020
Validating multi-photon quantum interference with finite data QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2020
Multiphase estimation without a reference mode PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2020
Photonic quantum metrology AVS QUANTUM SCIENCE 2020
Pattern recognition techniques for boson sampling validation PHYSICAL REVIEW. X 2019
Experimental engineering of arbitrary qudit states with discrete-time quantum walks PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2019
Photonic quantum information processing: a review REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS 2019
Witnessing genuine multiphoton indistinguishability PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2019
The race for quantum supremacy: pushing the classical limit for photonic hardware NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2019
Visual assessment of multi-photon interference QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2019
Tunable Two-Photon Quantum Interference of Structured Light PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2019
Experimental semi-device-independent tests of quantum channels QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2019
Experimental learning of quantum states SCIENCE ADVANCES 2019
Perspective on experimental quantum causality EUROPHYSICS LETTERS 2019
Experimental multiphase estimation on a chip OPTICA 2019


  • PE2_12
  • PE2_13


  • Big data & computing
  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics

Interessi di ricerca

Main research activities
Experimental quantum optics, quantum computation and information, quantum communications, quantum causality, integrated photonics, foundations of quantum mechanics, Quantum machine learning


meccanica quantistica
ottica non lineare

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