Fabio Sciarrino


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Observation of photonic states dynamics in 3-D integrated Fourier circuits JOURNAL OF OPTICS 2018
Experimental phase estimation enhanced by machine learning PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2018
Optimal photonic indistinguishability tests in multimode networks SCIENCE BULLETIN 2018
Experimental Study of Nonclassical Teleportation beyond Average Fidelity PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2018
Challenging local realism with human choices NATURE 2018
First observation of the quantized exciton-polariton field and effect of interactions on a single polariton SCIENCE ADVANCES 2018
Versatile integrated source of entangled photons at telecom wavelength in femtosecond-laser-written circuits (Conference Presentation) Proceedings Volume 10547, Advances in Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication XI 2018
Experimental violation of local causality in a quantum network NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017
Quantum walks in synthetic gauge fields with three-dimensional integrated photonics PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2017
Benchmarking integrated linear-optical architectures for quantum information processing OPEN ACCESS SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Maximal qubit violation of n-locality inequalities in a star-shaped quantum network NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2017
Experimental bilocality violation without shared reference frames PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2017
Experimental investigation on the geometry of GHz states SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Single-Photon Quantum Contextuality on a Chip ACS PHOTONICS 2017
Learning an unknown transformation via a genetic approach SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Optimal measurements for simultaneous quantum estimation of multiple phases PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2017
Entanglement of photons in their dual wave-particle nature NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017
Photonic simulation of entanglement growth and engineering after a spin chain quench NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017
Cut-and-paste restoration of entanglement transmission PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2017
Amending entanglement-breaking channels via intermediate unitary operations PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2017


  • PE2_12
  • PE2_13


  • Big data & computing
  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics

Interessi di ricerca

Main research activities
Experimental quantum optics, quantum computation and information, quantum communications, quantum causality, integrated photonics, foundations of quantum mechanics, Quantum machine learning


meccanica quantistica
ottica non lineare

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