Marco Valente


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Waste polymer addition for 3D cementitious printing materials Recycling and Waste Management 2021: Conference abstracts book 2021
Thermal insulation performance optimization of hollow bricks made up of 3D printable rubber-cement mortars: material properties and FEM-based modelling IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 1044 2021
Recent advances in Geopolymer technology. A potential eco-friendly solution in the construction materials industry: A review JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES SCIENCE 2021
Influence of waste tire rubber particles size on the microstructural, mechanical, and acoustic insulation properties of 3D-printable cement mortars CIVIL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2021
Eco-sustainable approach for cementitious mix construction materials: A preliminary comparison between geopolymer and cement based matrices incorporating Tire recycled rubber Engineered Materials for Sustainable Structures: Book of abstracts 2021
Geopolymers vs. cement matrix materials. How nanofiller can help a sustainability approach for smart construction applications. A review NANOMATERIALS 2021
Recycled porcine bone powder as filler in thermoplastic composite materials enriched with chitosan for a bone scaffold application POLYMERS 2021
Commercial bio-packaging to preserve the quality and extend the shelf-life of vegetables. The case-study of pumpkin samples studied by a multimethodological approach FOODS 2021
Acoustic behaviour of 3D-printable cement mortars functionalized with recycled tire rubber aggregates Advances in acoustics, noise and vibration – 2021 2021
Ground waste tire rubber as a total replacement of natural aggregates in concrete mixes: application for lightweight paving blocks MATERIALS 2021
Valente_Geopolymers_Cement_Matrix_2021 NANOMATERIALS 2021
Metamateriali fonoassorbenti sviluppati via 3d printing per interventi acustici nel settore automotive RIVISTA ITALIANA DI ACUSTICA 2020
Tire recycled rubber for more eco-sustainable advanced cementitious aggregate RECYCLING 2020
Rubber-cement composites for additive manufacturing. Physical, mechanical and thermo-acoustic characterization Second RILEM international conference on concrete and digital fabrication 2020
Multi-physics analysis for Rubber-Cement applications in building and architectural fields. A preliminary analysis SUSTAINABILITY 2020
Preliminary mechanical analysis of Rubber-Cement composites suitable for additive process construction JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES SCIENCE 2020
Eco-friendly approach and potential biodegradable polymer matrix for WPC composite materials in outdoor application INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE 2019
Rubber/crete: mechanical properties of scrap to reuse tire-derived rubber in concrete. A review JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOMATERIALS & FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2019
Lightweight metallic matrix composites. Development of new composites material reinforced with carbon structures JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOMATERIALS & FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2019
Electroless plating on graphene (GNPs) for surface modification and composites applications books of abstract del XII CONVEGNO INSTM SULLA SCIENZA E TECNOLOGIA DEI MATERIALI e XV CONVEGNO NAZIONALE AIMAT 2019

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