Claudia Mazzuca


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The Role of Language in Nonbinary Identity Construction: Gender Words Matter PSYCHOLOGY OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER DIVERSITY 2024
Breaking the ice in a conversation: abstract words prompt dialogues more easily than concrete words LANGUAGE AND COGNITION 2023
The semantic representation of food is shaped by cultural experience LANGUAGE AND COGNITION 2023
Grounded cognition can be multimodal all the way down LANGUAGE, COGNITION AND NEUROSCIENCE 2023
How Do We Learn and Why Do We Use Abstract Concepts and Words FRONTIERS FOR YOUNG MINDS 2023
Consensus Paper: Current Perspectives on Abstract Concepts and Future Research Directions JOURNAL OF COGNITION 2023
Gender is conceptualized in different ways across cultures LANGUAGE AND COGNITION 2023
Embodied, Embedded, Enacted Cognition The Sage Handbook of Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience: Cognitive Systems, Development and Applications 2023
Bodily, emotional, and public sphere at the time of COVID-19. An investigation on concrete and abstract concepts PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2022
Abstractness emerges progressively over the second year of life SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Exposing implicit biases and stereotypes in human and artificial intelligence: state of the art and challenges with a focus on gender AI & SOCIETY 2022
Abstract Concepts, Social Interaction, and Beliefs FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2022
Making it abstract, making it contestable: politicization at the intersection of political and cognitive science REVIEW OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY 2022
Abstractness emerges progressively over the second year of life OPEN ACCESS SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Abstract words as social tools: which necessary evidence? FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
Differences and similarities in the conceptualization of COVID-19 and other diseases in the first Italian lockdown SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
From affordances to abstract words: the flexibility of sensorimotor grounding BRAIN SCIENCES 2021
Assessing the impact of previous experience on lie effects through a transfer paradigm SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Overusing the pacifier during infancy sets a footprint on abstract words processing JOURNAL OF CHILD LANGUAGE 2020
Gender is a multifaceted concept: Evidence that specific life experiences differentially shape the concept of gender LANGUAGE AND COGNITION 2020

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