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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
PCSK9 regulates Nox2-mediated platelet activation via CD36 receptor in patients with atrial fibrillation ANTIOXIDANTS 2020
Is there an association between atherosclerotic burden, oxidative stress, and gut-derived lipopolysaccharides ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING 2020
Poor adherence to mediterranean diet and serum lipopolysaccharide are associated with oxidative stress in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NUTRIENTS 2020
Cancer-specific ischemic complications in elderly Patients with atrial fibrillation. data from the prospective ATHERO-AF study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER 2020
Nox2 activation in covid-19 REDOX BIOLOGY 2020
Increased liver localization of lipopolysaccharides in human and experimental NAFLD HEPATOLOGY 2020
Innovative In Vitro Models for the Study of Lung Diseases Cell Interaction - Regulation of Immune Responses, Disease Development and Management Strategies 2020
Nox2 activation in Covid-19 REDOX BIOLOGY 2020
Letter by violi et al regarding article, "rivaroxaban reduces arterial thrombosis by inhibition of fxa-driven platelet activation via protease activated receptor-1" CIRCULATION RESEARCH 2020
Nox2-mediated platelet activation by glycoprotein (GP) VI: Effect of rivaroxaban alone and in combination with aspirin BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2019
Acute Effects of Heat-Not-Burn, Electronic Vaping, and Traditional Tobacco Combustion Cigarettes: The Sapienza University of Rome-Vascular Assessment of Proatherosclerotic Effects of Smoking ( SUR - VAPES ) 2 Randomized Trial JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. CARDIOVASCULAR AND CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE 2019
Enhanced NOX-2 derived oxidative stress in offspring of patients with early myocardial infarction INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2019
Interaction between serum endotoxemia and proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9 (PCSK9) in patients with atrial fibrillation. a post-hoc analysis from the ATHERO-AF cohort ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2019
Glutathione infusion before primary percutaneous coronary intervention: A randomised controlled pilot study BMJ OPEN 2019
Oleuropein-enriched chocolate by extra virgin olive oil blunts hyperglycaemia in diabetic patients: Results from a one-time 2-hour post-prandial cross over study CLINICAL NUTRITION 2019
Prevalence and Impact of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Atrial Fibrillation MAYO CLINIC PROCEEDINGS 2019
Impairment between oxidant and antioxidant systems: Short- and Long-Term implications for athletes’ health NUTRIENTS 2019
Prasugrel and Ticagrelor: the Romulus and Remus of Antiplatelet Therapy? AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR DRUGS 2019
Role of NADPH oxidase-2 and oxidative stress in children exposed to passive smoking THORAX 2018
Localization of lipopolysaccharide from Escherichia Coli into human atherosclerotic plaque SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2018

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