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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Glucocorticoids impair platelet thromboxane biosynthesis in community-acquired pneumonia PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2018
Oleuropein, a component of extra virgin olive oil, lowers postprandial glycaemia in healthy subjects BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2018
Blood hydrogen peroxide break-down activity in healthy subjects and in patients at risk of cardiovascular events ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2018
Gut-derived lipopolysaccharides increase post-prandial oxidative stress via Nox2 activation in patients with impaired fasting glucose tolerance: effect of extra-virgin olive oil EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION 2018
Digoxin and platelet activation in patients with atrial fibrillation: In vivo and in vitro study JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. CARDIOVASCULAR AND CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE 2018
Interplay between oxidative stress and platelet activation in coronary thrombus of STEMI patients ANTIOXIDANTS 2018
Hazelnut and cocoa spread improves flow-mediated dilatation in smokers INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE 2018
Incidence of bleeding in patients with atrial fibrillation and advanced liver fibrosis on treatment with vitamin K or non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2018
Antioxidant activity from extra virgin olive oil via inhibition of hydrogen peroxide-mediated NADPH-oxidase 2 activation NUTRITION 2018
Effect of smoking on oxidative stress and vascular function Smoking Prevention and Cessation 2018
Effects of high consumption of vegetables on clinical, immunological, and antioxidant markers in subjects at risk of cardiovascular diseases OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY 2018
Gut-derived endotoxin stimulates factor VIII secretion from endothelial cells. Implications for hypercoagulability in cirrhosis JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY 2017
Low-grade endotoxemia, gut permeability and platelet activation in patients with impaired fasting glucose NMCD. NUTRITION METABOLISM AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES 2017
Relationship of PCSK9 and urinary thromboxane excretion to cardiovascular events in patients with atrial fibrillation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY 2017
Extra virgin olive oil and cardiovascular diseases: benefits for human health ENDOCRINE, METABOLIC & IMMUNE DISORDERS. DRUG TARGETS 2017
Gut-Derived Serum Lipopolysaccharide is Associated With Enhanced Risk of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Atrial Fibrillation: Effect of Adherence to Mediterranean Diet JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. CARDIOVASCULAR AND CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE 2017
Anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant activity of dihydroasparagusic acid in lipopolysaccharide-activated microglial cells BRAIN RESEARCH BULLETIN 2016
Supplementing p-systems: eumelanin and graphene-like integration towards highly conductive materials for the mammalian cell culture bio-interface JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. B 2015

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