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The ternary diagram of functional diversity METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2023
Scientific maps should reach everyone. The cblindplot R package to let colour blind people visualise spatial patterns ECOLOGICAL INFORMATICS 2023
Quantifying the extent of plant functional specialization using Grime's CSR strategies ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2023
Integrals of life. Tracking ecosystem spatial heterogeneity from space through the area under the curve of the parametric Rao's Q index ECOLOGICAL COMPLEXITY 2023
Identifying functionally distinctive and threatened species BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 2023
Components of functional diversity revisited: A new classification and its theoretical and practical implications ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2023
A new parametric measure of functional dissimilarity: Bridging the gap between the Bray-Curtis dissimilarity and the Euclidean distance ECOLOGICAL MODELLING 2022
Identifying typical and early warning species by the combination of functional-based diagnostic species and dark diversity BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION 2022
Trade-offs in the conservation of phylogenetically distinctive species BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 2022
Functional imbalance not functional evenness is the third component of community structure ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2022
The spectral species concept in living color JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. BIOGEOSCIENCES 2022
Phenotypic dissimilarity index. Correcting for intra- and interindividual variability when quantifying phenotypic variation ECOLOGY 2022
Double down on remote sensing for biodiversity estimation. A biological mindset COMMUNITY ECOLOGY 2022
From the euclidean distance to compositional dissimilarity: What is gained and what is lost ACTA OECOLOGICA 2021
From zero to infinity: Minimum to maximum diversity of the planet by spatio-parametric Rao’s quadratic entropy GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY 2021
Beta redundancy for functional ecology METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2021
Measuring diversity from space: a global view of the free and open source rasterdiv R package under a coding perspective COMMUNITY ECOLOGY 2021
Rasterdiv ‐ an Information Theory tailored R package for measuring ecosystem heterogeneity from space: to the origin and back METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2021
A new method for indicator species analysis in the framework of multivariate analysis of variance JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE 2021
A framework for understanding how biodiversity patterns unfold across multiple spatial scales in urban ecosystems ECOSPHERE 2021


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Interessi di ricerca

Community ecology and biodiversity of plants

Landscape ecology and remote sensing


Quantitative and spatial ecology

Fire ecology

Invasion ecology


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